Serengeti Budget Safari

Budget Serengeti Safari

Budget Serengeti Safari

Budget Serengeti safari (budget Serengeti safaris) : Explore the best of Serengeti without affecting your financial status with all our well planned and packaged Budget Serengeti safari. These are daily departing tours that are arranged in groups and also good for individuals or solo travelers. Serengeti national park safaris are once in lifetime wildlife experience in the true African wilderness as you enjoy the open endless savannah plains of the park.

Named as the “Mecca of wildlife”, Serengeti national park made up of open vast plains of grassland Savannah dotted with Acacia trees and the small rocks called Kopjes is more famous of the predator world especially the big cats like Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Genet cat, Carvel cat and Hyenas. The most frequent question most travelers ask before considering their trip to Serengeti is the Cost of doing a safari in Serengeti national park or the most recommended budget for anyone planning to have a wonderful safari in Serengeti. The park caters for all kinds of travelers though most of the lodging inside the park cater for mostly high end class there are many available options that suit the budget guests. Our Budget Serengeti safari are not mostly camping only but also lodging but sharing the cost of the car by joining the group.

Budget Serengeti Safari
Serengeti Safaris Tours

Most budget travelers prefer camping and this is more flexible with 9 public camping sites found in Serengeti national park, 6 of the 9 camping sites are located in Seronera area that is the central part of Serengeti national park, 1 in Ndabaka gate, the other in Ikoma gate and lastly in Lobo. Our Budget Serengeti safari for camping have all-inclusive costs that include park entrance fees, conservation fees, camping fees, game drives, sleeping bags, tents and chef that provides you daily food.

How to have a safari in Serengeti at Budget cost?

You can get the best wildlife experience through our Budget Serengeti safari which has a full package on the itinerary covering all costs like Park entry fees, conservation fees, accommodation and all meals. Our trips have two to three options which are highlighted below:

Join our group tours

These tours depart on daily basis from Arusha and you will be picked up from your hotel in Arusha after your communication the hotel name. The tour guide will be picking you up as early as 7 am after your early breakfast, you will meet fellow travelers from different countries while some times by luck you may be from the same country.

In our group tours, we are very keen on the common language on the group, we inform all the guests before they are joined together in the group so that we allocate appropriate driver guide for the team. This is one of the section of our Budget Serengeti safari that can help our guests cut costs through shared costs like car hire, crater fees, fuel and driver guide allowance. In our group tours guests do not share a room unless they are free with it to give maximum privacy since you don’t know each other while some extent if agreed the more we are free for the guests of the same sex to share a room but different beds.

Budget Serengeti Safari
Serengeti Group Tours

Camping group Tours

One of the best Budget safari which can cost one a round 200 usd to 280 usd per day. All our group tours start from Arusha to Serengeti and back to Arusha, the camping group safaris are different from other group tour in that this is less expensive, we stay at our tents. We will be staying inside the park at public camping sites of Serengeti, the company provides all camping equipment like tents, sleeping bags, food, park entry fees and others. Each tent accommodates one guest strictly no sharing a tent, tents are erected in the evening by the driver guide after the whole day’s activities are done.

Lastly but not least on our Budget Serengeti safari is staying in the outskirts of Serengeti national park along the reserves. There are many good accommodations like Simba camp that are allocated just at the out skirt of the park but gives you great view of the park, frequented by many wildlife hence doing a game viewing at the balcony of your tent or swimming pool.

Planning for a Serengeti safaris but fearing the budget, please contact our consultant team who will help you with our great Budget Serengeti safari. These trips are combined with most enticing parks next to Serengeti like Ngorongoro crater Area, Lake Manyara and Tarangire national park.

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