Location of Serengeti

Getting There: Location of Serengeti

Location of Serengeti, Serengeti national park is located in the northern part of Tanzania on the border with Kenya and further continues to Kenya forming the Masai Mara National Park. Apart from being Serengeti National Park it also encompasses other reserves and conservation areas all maintained by the different governments.

The easiest and most accessible way to get to Serengeti national park is through Kilimanjaro international airport hence making the Location of Serengeti and from here depending on how you planned your trip there are a number of bus and shuttle services that can transfer you to Arusha (50km) where majority of the trips to Serengeti National Park start.

Location of Serengeti
Distance from Arusha to Serengeti

Other alternatives include flying to Jomo Kenyatta international airport where there bus services operate daily to Arusha and depending on your travel arrangements your tour operator can take it from their and organize all your other travel necessities and ground transportation.

One could also possibly fly into Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar-es-salam where you can charter a domestic fight to Arusha airport.

If you have an extra dollar to spend you could also charter a flight from Arusha to Serengeti landing on one of the many airstrips available. However this means missing out on the beautiful sceneries that road travel has to offer.

Arusha to Serengeti by road is about  325 kilometers and may take about 8 hours on road. However most of the ride is rough and bumpy over dirty roads the consolation though are the mesmerizing sceneries and views of wild life during your en-route game drives to the park. Also, if you travel by car, you’ll rarely do the whole trip in a single day. Usually, your safari tour will include a day or two in other parks on the way, reducing the trip to approximately half the total time.

It is best to seek the help of  a qualified tour operator especially in regard to Charter flights around Serengeti national park are as part of your overall trip package. Domestic flights on the other hand can be reserved with various domestic carriers which include:

  • Air Tanzania
  • Precision Air
  • Regional Air
  • Zan Air
  • Safari Air Link
  • Coastal Aviation
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