Park Entrance Fees

Park Entrance Fees

Serengeti National park entrance fees is managed by Tanzania national park Authority and the wildlife reserves are managed by the wildlife division of ministry of natural resources and tourism.

The Serengeti National park entrance fees are paid when entering the park paid at the gate of your entry point.  Also a smart card system has been introduced where you pre pay the money and it is put on a card which you present at the gate of the park.

Serengeti national park fees are paid by credit card not cash, you make prepayments at the bank from Arusha then go with the serial number which you submit it to the park authorities. Anyone can pay for a smart card at any CRDB branch in either us dollars or Tanzanian shillings. Park entrance permits in the park are charged based on per person per day which implies that they are valid for 24 hours, vary depending on the visitor’s residence, age. Visitors are however required to provide proof of identity is at the gate, once the fee is paid is non-refundable and the fee doesn’t include various activities in the national park.

Serengeti National park entrance fees
Serengeti National Park Entrance Gates

The entry fees are valid for 24 hours only.

A. Permit for entry for each person to SERENGETI National Park

Below is Serengeti National park entrance fees

Non African citizen above 16 years of age    $60

East Africa citizen and Tanzanian expatriate above 16 years of age   $30

Tanzanian citizen above 16years of age 10000 tsh
Children below the age of 5 years: free
Children aged between 10 and 16 years for 24 hrs tour

Non African citizen  $20
East Africa citizen and Tanzanian expatriate $10

Tanzanian citizen above 2000 tsh

In comparison to the diversity of wildlife and experience in Serengeti national park Tanzania, you will find that it is the cheapest National Park in Tanzania.

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