Wildlife in Serengeti

Animals / Wildlife in Serengeti

Animals / Wildlife in Serengeti, Serengeti National park ecosystem is one of the most ancient existing ones on the planet and boasts of various unique climatic conditions, unrivaled plant and animal species that have for millions of years not been transformed. A couple of adaptation, life as well as death patterns plus migrations are actually as old as some of the hills here. The varied vegetation and plant cover breed of many biodiversity.

some of the Animals / Wildlife in Serengeti include Blue wildebeests, gazelles, zebras and buffalos are some of the inhabit the area, which they share with their predators the lions and spotted hyenas

In the 1890s, droughts and a rinderpest epidemic (also known as cattle plague or steppe murrain) took a big serious toll on the animal population of the Serengeti, in particular the wildebeest. By the mid-1970s the wildebeest and the buffalo populations had recovered.

Animals / Wildlife in Serengeti
Serengeti Wildlife

Every December since time in memorial in the Ngorongoro area of the southern Serengeti national park area (Tanzania)  thousands of wildebeests migrate offering rich grasslands for feeding. The process is rather slow and occurs over a period of time offering plenty of rain-ripened grass available for the 750,000 zebra that precede 1.2 million wildebeest and then the hundreds of thousands of Animals / Wildlife in Serengeti and other plains game bringing up the rear of the migration path.

The birth of  young Wildebeests (calves) in February and March, which triggers predators. As the plains of the south and east dry  in may  most of the masses migrate to the north and west through the Grumeti River, where there is more grass and  reliable water supply.

About 250,000 wildebeest of the animals / Wildlife in Serengeti die during the journey from Tanzania to Masai Mara Reserve in lower Kenya, a total of 500 miles (800 km), according to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. Death is usually from thirst, hunger, exhaustion, or predations other drown.

Animals / Wildlife in Serengeti
Wildebeest Migrations

A quick look into the secret lives of this diverse array of animals that call the Serengeti home otherwise there is no other way to give a full detailed lists of them it would require an encyclopedic.

Most of African icons are present in the Serengeti national park including some of the big five alongside many other small animals / Wildlife in Serengeti like monkeys, baboons, Gaudy agama lizards and rock hyraxes that make themselves comfortable in the numerous granite kopjes, which are formations of huge boulders of sparkling, coarse rock.

A list of over 500 bird species can be found in Serengeti National Park including secretary bird, vultures, black eagles, ostriches among others. A full 100 varieties of dung beetle have been recorded.

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