Nearest International Airport to Serengeti National Park

Nearest International Airport to Serengeti National Park

Nearest International Airport to Serengeti National Park

Nearest International Airport to Serengeti National Park is one of the best options that a traveler looking to have a quick safari can use. Serengeti national park nearest international airport is not as close as many may think but can be kilometers away from the park. Serengeti National park is located in the Northern part of the busy tourist town Arusha.  The park is easily accessed by road or air transport depending on the request and preference of the guests. Both flights and roads are worth doing it with flights providing the guests with unique aerial views of the endless plains of Serengeti National park. The key famous international airport which is closely located near Serengeti national park is Kilimanjaro airport. This is located in Arusha towards Moshi town near the African Highest mountain that is Mt Kilimanjaro. The airport is serviced by many international and domestic airlines like Ethiopian Airways, Swiss International Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Kenya Airways and many more. 

Kilimanjaro international airport is located 368 kilometers away which is approximately 8 to 9 hours drive by car. But this distance and the driving time should not scare because of its scenic drive along the lush coffee plantations passing through the local Maasai villages. With good stop points for the local craft shopping as you keep experiencing the beauty of Africa. The roads are very good tarmacked and smooth as you head to the tourist corridor of the Northern sector.  The drive takes you through Lake Manyara national park, Ngorongoro crater conservation Area before reaching.

Serengeti National Park nearest international airport that is Kilimanjaro has more domestic flight options that help guests that might not need long drive. You can opt for a domestic flight to Serengeti national park from Kilimanjaro airport or Arusha airport. This will cut short the driving time, gives you more game time at the park while still very fresh. The driver-guide will pick you from any agreed airports inside Serengeti national park like Seronera airport. Enjoy the aerial view of the Serengeti when jetting in or jetting off from Seronera airport.

The other international part in Tanzania which is bigger and well serviced by more international airlines across the world is Julius Nyerere international airport. Its also called The international airport of Dar es Salaam, its located in Tanzania’s biggest city Dar es Salaam. It handles both international and domestic airlines hence making it easy for guests to connect from their international flight to local domestic flight that takes them to Serengeti national park. The airport is located 12 kilometers away on the Southwest of Dar es Salaam city, its 879 kilometers away from Serengeti national park. You can only connect the two through domestic flights that operate daily to different airstrips of Serengeti national park.

There are plans and more proposals to build a new international airport inside Serengeti national park called Serengeti international airport. The airport is located 40 kilometers away from the center of Serengeti national park. Its found in Uwanja wa Ndege ward in Mugumu town in Serengeti district. According to Serengeti District Executive Director Engineer Hamsini, the construction process has started and it is financed by the foreign American investor Paul Tudor Jones. If this airport is done then it will become the Serengeti national park nearest international airport. This will not only improve the accessibility of the famous protected area but also increase the number of tourists getting to the park This is due to little time drive from the airport to the park. 

Besides Serengeti national park nearest international airport, there are several airstrips and airports inside the Serengeti national park. These airports are serviced by only domestic flights from different parts of Tanzania and within the region of East Africa. Each region of Serengeti national park has one or two airports, these include:

Seronera airstrip

This is the busiest airstrip in Serengeti national park, its found in the central park of Serengeti called Seronera area. Its serviced by many domestic airlines across East Africa, its located near most of the popular lodges and Camps in the park. You can book your flight from any local airline and the lodge or driver-guide will pick you up from the airstrip. It is fully coded by the IATA as SEU and ICAO as HTSN. 

The other airstrip is Kogatende Airstrip 

This is located in the Northern part of Serengeti near Mara River. This is the second popular airstrip in Serengeti that becomes busy from July to August when the wildebeest migration is happing crossing the Mara River.

Kirawira B Airstrip

This is a small airstrip that is located on the Western Corridor of Serengeti national park. This is mostly used for guests who would like to spend or witness the wildebeest migration along the Grumeti River. The airstrip is found few kilometers away from the Grumeti River in the Northern part. 

Lobo Airstrip

Lobo Airstrip is located in the Eastern part of Serengeti around the Lobo area where the wildebeest migration returns back to Serengeti national park. It is good for reaching the most remote areas of the Eastern part of Serengeti national park. This is best useful around October to November when the wildebeest migration is returning back to the land of the endless plains

Fort Ikoma airstrip

This is located in the Nother Western part of Serengeti national park. It is one of the large airstrips in Serengeti and mostly busy following Seronera airstrip. Its location in the center of the three regions of Serengeti makes it a great deal to use it. Guest can lad in Fort Ikoma airstrip and drive to Seronera, Grumeti or Ikongoro. This gives it an added advantage for the guests to use it more.

Nearest International Airport to Serengeti National Park
Nearest International Airport to Serengeti National Park

Serengeti Kusini Airstrip

Serengeti Kusini Airstrip is located in Kusini Kopjes where the wildebeest migration always starts from. It is one of the easiest ways to access this remote area since its less reliable with the road networks. The airstrip is found in the Southern part of Serengeti near the Ndutu area. A destination of the calving season is this airstrip hence making it a great airstrip.

Inconclusion, you have been wondering about Serengeti national park nearest international airport, this detailed article will guide you. It gives you not only the nearest airport but more options for your access to Serengeti national park. The park remains one of the protected areas that can be visited at any time of the year. Balancing your point of interest then you have to see which region is best at which time of the year. 

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