Kenya Safari Circuits

Kenya safari circuits. Tourism circuits of Kenya are the various categories or areas in which the different Kenya safari destinations are. Kenya is one of the most beautiful and sought after Africa safari destination, comprising of a variety of Kenya national parks and game reserves that travelers can visit on Kenya safari tours. Kenya has a variety of safari destinations, including national parks and reserves, historical sites, beaches and so much more. There are 8 Kenya safari circuits including the Central Kenya circuit, Nairobi circuit, Coastline circuit, and southern circuit of Kenya, Estern circuit, northern circuit, south rift circuit and western circuit that travelers can visit while on their Kenya safari tours. Below are the 8 tourism circuits in Kenya with the various attractions that travelers can visit while on Kenya safari tours;

Southern Circuit of Kenya

The southern circuit of Kenya is one of the most visited and sought after Kenya safari circuit. The southern circuit of Kenya is dominated by some of the most popular Kenya national parks which reward travelers with amazing wild game viewing and scenic safari experiences. Attractions and destinations in Kenya that are in the southern circuit of Kenya include Amboseli National Park, Chyulu Hills National Park, Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park. Kenya safari tours in the southern circuit of Kenya reward travelers with some of the most amazing wildlife safaris in Kenya, seeing a variety of wildlife including the African big 5 animals and so much more.

Kenya Safari Circuits
Tsavo East National Park

Central Kenya Circuit

The central Kenya safari circuit is a great Kenya safari circuit that consists of various attractions and destinations, with great landscapes including mountain peaks, amazingly beautiful waterfalls and remote alpine moors. The central Kenya safari circuits also has coffee plantations, which can be visited by travelers on Kenya safari tours. The central Kenya circuit is a great Kenya safari circuit for travelers after adventure safari experiences like hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, and so much more. Parks and tourist attractions in the central Kenya safari circuit include the Nairobi Animal Orphanage, Nairobi National Park, Aberdare National Park, Mount Kenya National Park, Nairobi Safari Walk and Mount Longonot National Park.

Nairobi Circuit

The Nairobi circuit is an urban circuit of Kenya that has destinations and attractions located on the Nairobi City, the capital city of Kenya. Attractions and sites in Nairobi circuit of Kenya include the Giraffe Centre, Nairobi National Park, National Museum of Kenya, Kitengela Hot Glass, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Karen Blixen Museum and Masai Market.

Coastline Circuit of Kenya

The coastline circuit of Kenya comprises of charmingly beautiful fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and calming breezes from the Indian Ocean. The coastline circuit of Kenya has travelers enjoying various activities like snorkelling, diving, sport fishing and so many other water sport activities. Apart from the fine white sand beaches and water sport activities, there are a number of historical sites at the coast of Kenya including the Vasco da Gam Pillar, Hell’s Kitchen and Malindi Museum among so many others. Some of the pars and attractions in the coastline circuit of Kenya include Watamu Marine Park and Reserve, Tana River Primate Reserve, Mombasa Marine National park, Arabuko Sosoke Forest Reserve, Shimba Hills National Reserve, among others.

Kenya Safari Circuits
Watamu Marine Beach

Eastern Circuit of Kenya

The southern circuit of Kenya is located in the eastern part of Kenya and is comprised of some of the beautiful Kenya safari destinations. The Estern circuit of Kenya is just outside Nairobi in the dry Kenya region. The eastern circuit of Kenya consists of amazing landscape viewing areas including Mount Meru, Ewaso Nyiro River among so many others. Attractions in the eastern circuit of Kenya include Samburu National Reserve, Shaba National Reserve, Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Meru National Park and Kor National Park, among so many others.

Northern Rift Circuit

Northern Rift circuit of Kenya is found in the northern section of the Great Rift Valley, in the northern rift region. The northern rift circuit of Kenya has some of the most remote and inaccessible Kenya destinations and attractions, including Lakes like Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo, and Lake Turkana. Some of the most done activities here include walking safaris, birding, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, camel riding, mountain biking, among so many others. Kenya national parks found in the northern rift circuit include Marsabit National Reserve, Nasalot National Reserve, Sibiloi National Park, South and Central Island National Park, South Turkana National Reserve and Laikipia National Reserve.

South Rift Circuit

The south rift circuit of Kenya has some of the most sought after Kenya national Parks and reserves that rewards travelers with amazing wild game viewing experiences. The south rift circuit of Kenya has breathe taking sceneries of the escarpments, lakes and rivers and a variety of wildlife species. Some of the most common and sought after animals that you can see include the big 5 animals birds, and so much more. Attractions including Kenya national parks and reserves that you can see in the south rift circuit include Hell’s Gate National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Mara Triangle, Masai Mara National Reserve and Lake Naivasha National Park.

Kenya Safari Circuits
Maasai Mara Game drives

Western Circuit

The western circuit is one of the Kenya safari circuits that travelers can visit while on Kenya safari tours. The western circuit of Kenya has amazing attractions like the Lake Victoria which is the biggest lake in East Africa, has rich forests, swamps and some of the rare animal species that travelers can see while in the area. Some of the attractions and destinations in the western circuit of Kenya include Kakamega Forest National Reserve, Ndere Island National Park, Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, Ruma National Park, and Saiwa Swamp National Park.

The above are the various Kenya safari circuits that travelers can visit in Kenya, on Kenya safari tours all throughout the year. As you plan out your Kenya safari tour, knowing which circuit to visit and particular destinations is good. Get in touch for a well-planned Kenya safari tour, visiting any of the above mentioned Kenya safari circuits and destinations.

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