Samburu National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve is located in the Northern part of Kenya and it’s the least visited among the reserves and national parks in Kenya. The reserve is less congested hence making it better for the tourist who likes maximum privacy when doing a safari. It is less crowded hence making animals freer and balance the echo system. Samburu National Reserve is one of the excellent parks in Kenya that provide high-quality game drives.

Its found at the banks of River Ewaso Nyiro 350 kilometers away from the capital city Nairobi. It was established in 1985  covering a total land area of 165 square kilometers which lies on an elevated are of around 800 to 1230 meters above sea level. The reserve is found in Samburu County. The reserve is most popular because of its historical background of the environmental conservationists called Joy Adamson and George. They were remarkable people who adopted and raised the famous Lioness that made records and history in the tourism industry worldwide.

They wrote different books that included an award-winning wildlife book called “Born Free” which was followed by its movie which was also called “born free” which was filmed in Elephant Watch Camp in Samburu national reserve.

The reserve is a home of all the big cats though the memory of Kamunyak the lioness which was famous for adopting and raising the Oryx calves. It was a unique and strange character in big cats to protect their prey but the Lioness did it even during the time of starvation with no food. It could protect this calve from the fellow lions and other predators until it grows big and can survive on its own.

Samburu National Reserve is in North of Laikipia one of the hottest, dry and lowest parts of Kenya. Its mostly occupied by a semi-desert area with River Ewaso Nyiro being the sole source of water for both the locals and the wildlife. The park is a permanent home of different species of grazers which leave in dotted Acacia and palm forest found along the river. A 24-hour entry to Samburu national reserve gives you open chance to visits Shaba national reserve and Buffalo springs national reserve. 

Samburu National Reserve
Samburu Reserve Wildlife

 How to get to Samburu National Reserve

The park can be accessed via two main gates those are Buffalo spring gate and Ngare Mare gate. The reserve is can be reached through good tarmac road from Nairobi to Samburu town before you connect to the reserve. One can have a good view of the two mountains called the Ololokwe mountains and the Koitogor mountains. 

Attractions in Samburu National reserve

Samburu National reserve is every peaceful reserve endorsed with more attractions that are attracted by a different range of vegetation cover that ranges from the semi-desert flat area to rocky ends of the Koitogor Mountains. Ewaso Nyiro river which its name means “brown water” by locals has led to the development of riverine forests, acacia trees, thorn trees, and good open grasslands. The river flows to the Kenyan highlands leading to the famous Lorian Swamp. Below are the key attractions in Samburu National reserve

Mammals: The reserve is gifted with dozens of mammals include over 900 Elephants at the park. Other animals include Zebra, giraffes, Oryx, African wild dogs, Lions, Leopards, buffalo, hippos, crocodiles. The Attraction Samburu National reserve is much famous for Elsa the lioness which was adopted and raised by Joy Adamson. The story of the lioness took books in a storm as everyone wanted to read about the savior lioness. 

Birds: It is with great news always for birders, the reserve is a home of over 450 bird species which include both swampy bird species, open savannah species, and the Forest bird species. One can enjoy birding by walking safari or using game drive safari vans. The most cited birds include ostriches, vultures, guinea fowl, egret, eagles, falcon, kingfishers, open bill stork, and many more birds.

Rivers: The park is crossed by a dozen of rivers with the main river being Ewaso Nyiro. The river is a source of water for the animals and the locals in the area. The locals organize boat ride at the rive especially during the rainy season when the water level is high. The river flows down from the highlands of Kenya and crosses down to the Lorian swamp.

Shaba national reserve: The Shaba national reserve is found in the Eastern part of the Samburu National Reserve. The reserve has evergreen forests, volcanic formations, and the forest woodlands. It’s a home of a wide range of animals and birds that come to enjoy the green pastures at the reserve. 

Samburu local people: The nomadic herding men leave around the reserve, they have almost the same character as the Maasai people but with small different. Their dressing code in red and black blankets alongside the beads make them unique on their own.

Samburu National Reserve
Wildlife in Samburu National Reserve

Activities in Samburu National Reserve

With diversified attractions at the reserve, it gives guests a wide choice of activities to enjoy. The following are the key activities to be done in Samburu National reserve:

Birding: Aid birders will always smile when they are in the Samburu National Reserve, with over 450 bird species in such a small area. One can view as many bird species as possible in a single day making them never disappointed during their birding safari to the reserve. You only need to equip yourself well with clear good binoculars and rainy jackets that make your day great alongside the best camera. The reserve has both water birds like ibis, hamerkop, grey crowned crane, open bill stork, and others. Other birds include Lovebird, mourning doves, starlings, vultures and many more.

Game viewing: Game viewing is one of the Kenya tour activities which most guests like to spend more time in when they are in their safaris in Africa. Driving through large herds of animals in the different vegetation covers while observing the creativity of the wilderness through different actions and behaviors of the wildlife. We take more time during the game drives as we explore all angles of the reserve while focusing on the observation and photography of the wildlife. The Kenya tour operators have a good open roof or open-sided safari vans that give a guest a clear view of the animals while comfortable. View large game like Lions, leopards, elephants, zebras, oryx, and others.  

Cultural tours: Cultural tours are excellent in Samburu national reserve, visiting the local pastoralist in their villages. Enjoy their stories and cultural norms at the neighboring villages visiting the orphanages and other community charity organizations.

Swamp walk: Nature walks along the river is very scenic and rewarding. One can enjoy walking with guides as you feel the true African wilderness.

Samburu National Reserve is one of the remote reserves not very popular in Kenya tourism attractions but has a remarkable experience one can enjoy while on the trip at the reserve.

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