Budget Safari to Serengeti

Budget Safari to Serengeti

Budget Safari to Serengeti

Budget Safari to Serengeti National Park of Tanzania is one of the top Tanzania Safari packages that travelers with a low budget run for. Others say you need to break your bank in order to have a successful experience in Serengeti national park to us that is all a lie. Serengeti national park can be exploited in any budget depending on the number of days, type of accommodation you wish to stay in and other factors. Experienced tour consultants guide you through step by step methods of doing a great wildlife safari in Serengeti without breaking your bank account. It is always hard to plan for Serengeti national park on a budget. You end up asking yourself a lot of questions like when to go? How to go? Which local operator can I use? Which type of experience will I get in this Serengeti national park on a budget? How will I achieve my safari dream experience on my tight budget? And many more questions. Read through this article as we highlight the basic tips of achieving Serengeti national park on a budget. These tips are direct answers to the most or frequently asked travellers who plan for their safari to Serengeti national park and any other park.

Tips to guide you for the best Budget Safari to Serengeti National Park

Do Camping safaris

Our Camping safaris are the best way to save more for any good budget Safari to Serengeti. The Camping safaris are mostly done in public camping areas that reduces the costs. We have all the camping equipment that our guests use which include Tents, sleeping bags, moving chefs or the Kitchen and others. The camping safaris are even the best wildlife experience when you sleep in the middle of the park on a tent hearing the lions’ roar at night Hyenas visit the area, birds singing but your safe under the protection of the armed game ranger. This is one of the best ways of doing budget Safari to Serengeti. These camping safaris give guests a unique wildlife experience at the most friendly budget. The experience is more than luxury when doing these safaris. This is best for true adventurers and nature lovers, please check out on some of our camping safaris.

Use Budget camps or Lodge

Alternatively, if you want to do Serengeti national park on a budget, consider the key factor which is accommodation. The guests may fear to opt for camping safaris but you can still do Serengeti national park on a budget by choosing fairly budget accommodations. There are a number of budget permanent camps around Serengeti that ranges from 100usd per night. This is affordable and makes your stay at the park more comfortable. Serengeti national park has all sorts of accommodation from Budget to supper luxury accommodations. Each accommodation comes with the value for money and each level has its own level of comfort. 

Book all-inclusive Serengeti safaris from Local tour operator

The best way to do Serengeti national park on a budget is using fully registered and reputable local operator. The tour operators help guests to bargain for fair prices with the hotels and lodges across the park. Using the operator gives you an added advantage as guests are provided with all-inclusive package costs. The operators give discounts on car hire, discounted accommodation rates as they have contracts with most lodges across the park. 

Travel in Groups

You can book a family safari package or share with friends which you know and you book a trip as a group. The cost of Serengeti national park on a budget depends on a number of guests on a trip. The more the numbers the lower the cost per person due to shared costs. Our company also gives good discounts to family packages especially if you time on our promotional time. Traveling in private group safaris is more excellent and gives you comfort of enjoying a safari with fun yet at the most affordable rate.

Join Group Safaris

Joining group tours is good for solo travelers, though joining groups some times is not enjoyful due to the fact that your meeting new people for the first time who have different safari expectations. But joining scheduled group tours make your Serengeti national park on a budget. It is great to make new friends while on a safari that adds you more experience. All our group tours are conducted by English speaking guide which makes it comfortable for all guests from different regions to enjoy since more people know English. All our group tours are scheduled and start from Arusha and end in Arusha.

Visit Serengeti during Green Season (low season)

Another deal to enjoy Serengeti national park on a budget is coming to the park on low season also called a green season. During the green season, most of the lodges or camps give discounts, the park is more quiet and isolated with few guests. This is during the rainy months from March to May and its good to be in central Serengeti in the Seronera area. Game viewing is easier and most animals are easily seen during the game drives. The green or low season are rainy months in Tanzania or Serengeti and this makes some of the camps to close down due to the fact that the roads leading to them may be impassable during this period.

If familiar with the park go for self-drive

Self-drives are still on low in Serengeti national park or entire Tanzania but it is one of the few ways you can do Serengeti national park on a budget. Hiring a car and drive on your own, fuel it and pay few other costs like car park entry in addition to yours are not high since they are Tanzania registered cars. You only need to be famous in driving on African road terrains. The roads in Serengeti are rough, especially between Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater conservation Area. During the rainy season, the tracks at the park are bad some are only used during the dry season and if you know less about the park do not risk. It is also not more experiential to be driving as well as a guide for yourself as you need to concentrate on driving. However much it is cost-effective but I do not encourage guests who wish to have a total wildlife experience in Serengeti to do it. Better hire a car and driver-guide then pay for your own accommodation.

Budget Safari to Serengeti
Camping on a Budget Safari to Serengeti

In nutshell, a Budget Safari to Serengeti does not mean the Serengeti safari is not expensive but we try to cut some costs which can be cut. However, there are some park charges that cannot be reduced and remain constant like park entry fees that are charged per 24 hours if you stay inside the park and per every entry if one is staying outside the park. Other charges are concession fees that are also charged per night if the guests are staying on the lodges or camps inside the park. All the park entry fees and concession fees come with extra charge of Value Added Tax which is charged at 18%. 

To follow the above steps or doing some of our overland trips will help you cut the shared costs during the safari like car hire with driver and fuel. While our public camping safaris help you save more on accommodation costs.

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