Serengeti National Park in June

Serengeti National Park in June

Serengeti National Park in June

Serengeti National Park in June is one of the best places to do a safari tour on wildlife as the animals are easily seen and the conditions are best for a tour. Serengeti national park is one of the famous wildlife viewing destinations located in the northern part of Tanzania.  

June is at a time of the year when it is the dry season and is in the peak season. During the peak season, there are many tourists visiting Serengeti national park to engage in a variety of activities and to see the various attractions within the national park.

The wildebeest migration which involves the movement of thousands of wildebeests across the Serengeti plains also takes place across the Grumeti River in the western part of the national park during the month of June. 

The wildebeest spread out across the plains during the month of June and they can be seen grazing in the lush green grass in Serengeti national park. these wildebeests are also accompanied by zebras during their migration. Other wildlife species that can be seen around the grazing areas of the wildebeests include predators such as lions. 

Weather conditions during the month of June are also favorable with clear skies and lush landscapes making the wildlife viewing experience in this national park very memorable as tourists explore the different attractions in Serengeti national park.

The amount of rainfall received during the month of June in Serengeti national park is little and it does not affect wildlife viewing and other activities that take place within the national park since the number of tourists increases this month after the low season during the months of April and May.

Some of the activities which tourists can engage in during the month of June in Serengeti national park include bird watching. It is also a good time of the year to witness the wildebeest migration as the wildebeest make their way across the crocodile-infested Grumeti River.

Wildlife species are also easy to spit during the month of June since they gather around different water points in Serengeti national park during the dry season. Some of the wildlife species which can be seen in the national park in June include wildebeests, lions, leopards, buffalos, elephants, hippos, zebras, hartebeest, elands, warthogs, hyenas among others.

The landscape in Serengeti national park is characterized by kopjes which are granite rock outcrops, savannah grasslands, scattered trees and open plains. The kopjes act as lookout points for predators such as lions as they watch their prey grazing in the open plains of the national park.

Other months of the year when tourists can visit Serengeti national park include the following;

  • January to February; this time of the year is good for experiencing the calving season as wildebeests give birth to their young ones in the plains of Serengeti national park.
  • March, April, and May; during these months, Serengeti national park experiences the rainy season and wildlife viewing activities may be a little difficult to carry out within the open savannah plains of the national park. The low season also occurs in this national park during these months of the year since there are few visitors in the national park
  • From July to October; wildlife viewing is at its best since the national park is experiencing the dry season with the wildebeest migration being the major highlight during this period.

Activities which tourists engage in during safaris in Serengeti national park during the month of June include the following;

  • Game drives in Serengeti national park take place at different times of the day and they include morning game drives, evening game drives, and full-day game drives. During morning game drives, the wildlife species are easier to spot since they are more active at this time of day. Full day game drives on the other hand offer a chance for tourists to spend the entire day exploring the open savannah plains of the national park and its different attractions. Tourists are briefed about the rules and regulations of wildlife viewing before they proceed to drive around the national park in order to avoid certain penalties which are put in place and also to promote security of tourists as they engage in their wildlife viewing experiences in this national park.  
Serengeti National Park in June
Game Drives in Serengeti
  • Nature walks involve exploring the Serengeti national park on foot. This experience brings the tourists closer to the surrounding in the national park such as the different plant and tree species around the national park. Tourists also observe the wildlife species at a closer range during nature walks although they keep a safe distance from the animals in their natural habitat. Tourists are also accompanied by guides and armed rangers as they move around the national park.
  • Hot air balloon safaris in Serengeti national park are among the unique and adventurous activities that tourists engage in as they explore the different attractions at this destination such as the kopjes, Seronera river valley and the beautiful scenery of the national park. Wildlife species can be seen from an aerial view that the hot air balloon experience provides for the tourists as they fly over the plains of the national park and these wildlife species include herds of wildebeest, buffalos, elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards, hippos, hyenas, waterbucks among others.
  • Cultural visits involve interactions between the local community and the tourists. During these visits to the Maasai villages in the surrounding area of the national park, tourists engage in a number of activities such as visiting the “manyattas”, seeing local arts and crafts such as beaded jewelry like bangles, necklaces, earrings made in different colors and patterns by the Maasai women, watching cultural dance performances, listening to folk stories about the nomadic life of the Maasai among others.

Attractions to see in Serengeti national park in June include the following;

  • Great wildebeest migration which is considered one of the world’s largest animal migrations also takes place in Serengeti national park and it involves movement of thousands of wildebeest through the savannah plains in this national park in search of water and greener pastures. During the migration, the wildebeests move to the different parts of the national park such as the western, northern, southern and central parts of the national park and this occurs at different months of the year. 
  • Seronera river valley is found in the central region of Serengeti national park and is known for having a high concentration of wildlife species such as wildebeest, zebras, elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, leopards, gazelles among others. many lodges are also found in the area around this valley due to its prime wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • Lobo valley is an attraction which is found in the northern part of Serengeti national park. predators such as lions, cheetahs and leopards can be seen in this part of the national park as well as other wildlife species such as giraffes, baboons and elephants. The wildebeest migration can also be seen from this part of the national park.
  • Kopjes are granite rock outcrops that can be seen standing out from the rest of the landscape in Serengeti national park. some of the kopjes include Moru kopjes, Simba kopjes, Maasai kopjes among others. Moru kopjes are found in the central part of this national park and some of the wildlife species which can be seen at these kopjes include the endangered rhinos, lions, elephants and leopards.
  • The retina hippo pool is another attraction within the central part of Serengeti national park where hippos can be seen splashing around the water in many numbers. This hippo pool is found where the Orangi river meets the Seronera River.
Serengeti National Park in June
Lions in Serengeti National Park
  • The Grumeti river is an attraction in Serengeti national park which is found in the western section of the national park. During the month of June, the wildebeest migration takes place across this river where crocodiles can be seen as they wait to feast on the wildebeests.

Find your next adventure destination during the month of June for an experience filled with wildlife viewing and exploring different attractions in Serengeti national park.

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