Serengeti National Park in December

Serengeti National park in December

Serengeti National park in December

Serengeti National park in December is one of the top tourist destinations that travelers can travel to when they are looking at holiday tours. Serengeti National park is located in the northern part of Tanzania. Tourists visit this national park for wildlife viewing activities at different times of the year such as in the month of December.

December is at a time of the year in the rainy season when Serengeti national park is receiving a little rain. The grass in the plains of this national park during the rainy season are greener and this offers great photography opportunity. 

During the month of December, the wildebeest migration occurs in the Seronera area at the beginning of the month and this migration continues to the southern region and Ndutu area of the national park at the end of the month.

The wildlife species are also easier to spot during the month of December especially in the southern part of Serengeti national park since this part of the national park receives less rainfall compared to other sections of the national park such as the northern, central and western section during this month.

Wildlife species that can be seen during the month of December in Serengeti national park include wildebeests, zebras, elephants, buffalos, giraffes, predators such as lions, leopards, cheetahs among others.

In December, tourists can also see a variety of bird species such as Fischer’s’ lovebird, grey breasted spurfowl, kori bustards, rufous tailed weaver, secretary birds among others. migratory birds are also present at this time of the year in the national park.

The number of tourists visiting the Serengeti national park during the month of December are few. Tourists visiting Serengeti national park sometimes consider the wildlife species they wish to see during their visits to the national park when choosing the time of the year to visit this national park.

Tourists can also visit Serengeti national park at other times of the year such as;

  • From July to October; Serengeti national park experiences the dry season during these months. Wildlife viewing is also at its best during the months from July to October. The wildebeest migration can also be experienced during these months of the year in the different parts of the national park.
  • In March, April and in December; Serengeti national park experiences high rainfall during this time of the year. This means that the roads get muddy making it difficult to drive through the different game viewing tracks in the national park. The grass in the national park is also longer during the rainy season making it difficult to see the wildlife species.
  • In February, tourists can experience the calving season when the wildebeest give birth to their young ones. During the calving season, predators such as lions are also seen around the grazing area of the wildebeests as they target the young ones which are defenseless from their attackers.

Activities which tourists can engage in during their visits to Serengeti national park include the following;

  • Game drives in Serengeti national park involve exploring the wilderness of this national park by means of a car at different times of the day. Tourists can opt to engage in game drives such as morning game drives, evening game drives as well as full day game drives. During morning game drives, tourists can see a variety of wildlife species since they are more active at this time of day. Full day game drives involve a whole day of adventuring in the open savannah plains of this national park in search of the different wildlife species in their natural habitat.
  • Nature walks involve exploring the open plains of Serengeti national park on foot in search of the different attractions within the national park such as wildlife species. This experience brings the tourists closer to nature and their surroundings. During nature walks, tourists are accompanied by armed rangers for security purposes as they move around the national park.
  • Hot air balloon safaris involve exploring Serengeti national park and its attractions by flying in an air balloon which gives an aerial view of the beautiful landscape of the national park. some of the attractions which can be seen in the open savannah plains of this national park during hot air balloon safaris include the Seronera river, kopjes which are granite rock outcrops that stand out from the rest of the landscape in the national park, herds of wildebeests, giraffes, elephants, zebras, waterbucks, hartebeests, elands, lions, buffalos among others.
  • Community visits involve interactions between tourists and the local community which consists of Maasai people. During these interactions, tourists experience the way of life of the Maasai people who have a unique culture and nomadic way of life. Tourists can experience different aspects of the Maasai culture such as visiting the “manyattas” which are Maasai homesteads, watching cultural dance performances, listening to Maasai stories, seeing local arts and crafts such as beaded jewelry like necklaces, bangles, bracelets made in different colors and patterns.
Serengeti National Park in December
Serengeti National Park in December

How to get to Serengeti national park

Tourists can access Serengeti national park during the month of December by using different means such as;

  • Road: Tourists can drive from Arusha to Serengeti national park. However, during the month of December tourists are advised to use 4×4 vehicles due to the unfavorable conditions of the road at this time of the year.
  • Air: Both domestic and charter flights are available for tourists visiting Serengeti national park to the different airstrips such as Seronera airstrip, Kogatende airstrip, Serengeti Kusini airstrip, Lobo airstrip, Fort Ikoma airstrip, Kirawira airstrip among others.

Visit Serengeti national park and experience amazing wildlife viewing during the month of December.

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