Mount Kilimanjaro national park

Mount Kilimanjaro national park : Kilimanjaro national park is the home of the tallest mountain in Africa the Kilimanjaro Mountain. The glorious Mount Kilimanjaro is the snowcapped volcanic mountain and the world’s tallest free standing mountain, as well as the tallest mountain in Africa with the height of 5,895 Meters. The Kilimanjaro Mountain is located on the North- East part of Tanzania in the Kilimanjaro region. It’s the 4th  summits among the seven summits and considered as the simplest among them all well maybe it’s considered simple by the athletes and the walkers  as it goes through from the grasslands, tropical rain forest, desert uplands and finally to the ice and snows at the summit.

Many people believe that while visiting the Kilimanjaro mountain is all about hiking, which is not true if you do not want to hike the mountain it’s also okay to visits this national park which is the home of different while animals, made of different plant species without forget that it is the host of different birds both the migratory and native birds that inhabit mostly during the wet season.

Animals of the Kilimanjaro national park

  The Kilimanjaro national park is the home of many wild animals that are highly protected and they live on the tropical rainforest. You’re assured to meet the forest monkey during the hiking of Mount Kilimanjaro that makes the large percentage of the mammals in the Kilimanjaro forest.

Mount Kilimanjaro national park
Mount Kilimanjaro Hikes

The animals on this mountain forest cannot be easily since they are found deep into the forest of the Kilimanjaro national park. On the lowest zone of the Kilimanjaro Mountain is believed to be the boring y the tourist along the northern part of the mountain since it is settled under the cultivation of coffee as well as banana plantation, potatoes, beans and maize. The view of the wild flowers is also explored at these areas at the begging of the hiking process, the poisonous wild flower known as the Lantana camara with its beautiful yellow and pink flower can be viewed. The surroundings of the Kilimanjaro national park are unique not like the most of the national parks because of the beautiful ecosystem which you can encounter far from the area between summit and the base the well stretched arid savannah  as it unfolds itself away above the underground water table supplied by the glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro.  The life in this not abundant like in most of the national that are found in Tanzania but the sight of animals such as elephants, leopards and buffalos cannot missed inside the montane forest. The view of the beautiful colobus monkey as they jump from one tree and the other while hiking is also amazing. The availability of the tropical species and the endemic species which are very unique and cannot be found anywhere else’s in the world, thus Mount Kilimanjaro national park.

Bird watching activity in the Kilimanjaro national park

The Kilimanjaro mountain forest is the home of different bird species. There are different birds that will accompany you all the way during the hiking as they will be singing beautiful melodies that your ears will not get tired listening to them all along thus Mount Kilimanjaro national park. The different bird species found in the forest are like the sunbirds, starlings, woodpeckers’ chats berbets and many more. There about 750 different bird species found on the Kilimanjaro forest hence making it as one among the bird stopping destination. It is one of the perfect site for the watching the African birds especially during the wet season. the availability of different beautiful birds that accompanies you along the way while hiking will make you fill like a paradise hence its considered as the one of the perfect places as the paradise of the birds.

The perfect time for the bird watching activity can be early in the morning while hiking towards the Uhuru peak or even in the evening, this is because most of the hiking is done in the morning and in the evening. For the bird lovers and the once that loves hiking this is the perfect place because it offers both of these two packages all at once.

Mount Kilimanjaro national park
birding in Mount Kilimanjaro

Explore the Kilimanjaro national park through the guided nature walks.

The guided nature walks normally takes place on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and its done when accompanied by the armed rangers for safety and protection purposes. The adorable view of the beauty of the landscape, farm lands that can be viewed in the distance with the beautiful coffee plantations of the Chagga community. The view of the beautiful animals from afar is also there to entertain your eyes, the different vegetation cover highly decorated with tall green plants will make you feel peaceful and close to the nature like never before. The butterflies, primates jumping from one tree to the other,  enjoy the peaceful and quit environment, breathe the fresh air of pure nature and beauty will make you calm down and fill relaxed after the noises of  the cities.  During the nature walk you will have the opportunity to visit the Chagga crater lake where you will have the most eye catching view of the birds and the beautiful butterfly, explore different plant species found here and prepare your camera to capture the most beautiful memories to keep always , thus Mount Kilimanjaro national park.

Hiking the Kilimanjaro Mountain

Its adventures, fun and a great experience of hiking in the Kilimanjaro you move from different landscape from the grassland up the snow and ice. Along the way you will amazed by the wildlife that is found on the forest as well as the different plant species. The well experienced and trained staffs are there throughout the hiking as they make sure safety and to make most of climbing   fun and easier.  Can you imagine how the hiking will be amazing while  walking through the night with the bright moon shining on you head and you won’t be bothered having the head torch on! During the full moon that’s the best moment to climb the Mount Kilimanjaro as well as through December to March and June to October. Most of the climbing is normally done during the night because of the sun and slippery roads due to snow and ice. There are different route that lead up the Mount Kilimanjaro which includes the Machame routes, the Rongai route, Marangu route, Northern circuit route, Shira, Lemosho and Umbwe route. While on the way up you will encounter the Kilimanjaro forest national park which is just the best with the spectacular sceneries.

Plant species at the Kilimanjaro national park.

The Kilimanjaro national parks supports different vegetation zones, each zone has its own unique flora and fauna which is highly determined by the altitude. The most diverse vegetation cover is the evergreen forest that covers the altitude between 1800 meters to 3000 meters. Towering East Africa camphorwood ocotea usambarensis, yellowwood podocrapus latifolius and various wild figs ficus ssp are the most common plant species that you encounter here at the Kilimanjaro national park in abound.

Plant species at the Kilimanjaro national park
Plant species at the Kilimanjaro national park.

How to get to Kilimanjaro national park.

 This national park can be accessed by the road transport after dropping from the Kilimanjaro airport.  From the Moshi town it takes about 1 hours to the headquarters of this national park ready for hiking or any other tourism activities.

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