Walking Safaris in Tanzania

Walking Safaris in Tanzania  : Tanzania is a breathtaking tourist destination for coming into contact with untouched natural beauty. It is a perfect gateway for relaxing yourself after several days of tough work. However, some visitors always prefer exploring this unspoiled country by having various trips including game drives. If you want a barefoot connection with nature on your feet, you can go for a walking safari in Tanzania. A walking safari is a fascinating experience in the wilderness of Tanzanian parks and reserves.

Why we Focus East Africa Tours recommend you have a walking safari?

  • You can walk to remote areas that are unreachable by game drives. An armed ranger will accompany you to guide you through the trails and protect you from dangerous animals.
  • Walking safaris have no off-road restrictions like game drives. You walk anywhere you want under the guidance of a ranger.
  • On a walking safari, you get yourself away from the crowds. Therefore, you will enjoy the experiences of nature by yourself.
  • On a walking safari, you become part of the wild rather than a viewer. You will follow in the footsteps of wild animals while viewing the beautiful surroundings.
  • A walking safari also allows you to use all the senses while exploring nature. You can smell, hear, touch, and smell different things that you can encounter.

Focus East Africa Tours enables you to have either a short walk or a long walk. Short walks usually take less than one hour and their distance may go between one to two kilometers while long walks may take more than one hour and the distance covered may be up to five kilometers.

 When to go for a walking safari?

The best time to visit Tanzania for walking tours is during the dry season (June to September) when there is less or no mud at all. The wet season (November to February) is also best for those who don’t like crowded walks.

 Where to go for a walking safari?

When it comes to the choices of destination for your walking tours, Focus East Africa Tours may help you organize nature walks to any Safari destinations in Tanzania. Whether you want to walk in world-famous parks such as Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area or in remote and crowd-free parks like Nyerere National Park, Ruaha National Park, Katavi National Park, and Burigi Chato National Park.

Some walking safaris in Tanzania by Focus East Africa Tours

We Focus East Africa Tours are ready to guide you on a walking safari in various destinations including Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, Mikumi National Park, and Ruaha National Park. Our walking safaris are very unique. You will enjoy nature barefoot and we will be privileged to guide you through these destinations.

Walking safari in the Serengeti

We are among a few companies with a permit to do walking safaris in the mighty Serengeti. We organize these safaris during the day, especially in the morning when the sun is not very hot.

You can walk with us through the Moru Kopjes to enjoy the magnificent views of predators such as leopards and cheetahs, which like to camouflage in these rocks. You will see small animals such as lizards basking on rock outcrops. Walking safaris in Serengeti can start from camps and lodges situated in this park. They are sometimes combined with an unforgettable sleepout in the African bush. Focus East Africa Tours can help you experience the two experiences.

In southern Serengeti, a walking tour is exciting, especially when you plan it from December to February. The landscape is evergreen and very attractive. The wildebeests are in the calving season, whereby about half a million calves are born. It is interesting to see some predators marching slowly for easy prey like the newly born calves.

 Walking safaris in the Ngorongoro Crater

Focus East Africa Tours gives you the chance to walk even barefooted (if you wish to) on this dazzling caldera. This game-rich crater is wonderful when viewed at a close distance with all senses able to be used. You can aim for a sundowner with us on the crater rim. You can also have a long walk to Lake Magadi where you will witness the pink flamingos on the shores of this mysterious lake.

Walking Safaris in Tanzania
Walking safaris in the Ngorongoro Crater

Walking safaris in Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara is situated on the western escarpment of the Rift Valley. Therefore, it is blessed with various scenes such as waterfalls, tall hills, pristine forests of fig trees and baobab trees, and volcanic peaks. You can enjoy watching these mysterious attractions on a guided nature walk.

 Walking safaris in the natural hot spring

 This hot spring is hot enough to boil an egg and use as breakfast. Our guides can guide you on a walk through the Mto wa Mbu village. Here you will learn more about the Maasai including their vibrant culture. You can also visit their local market where you can get yourself a collection of handcrafts and other locally-made products.

A dozen attractions in Tanzania are worth a nature walk. You can choose to walk through the wilderness or in the busy streets like the splendid Stone Town of Zanzibar. It is up to you to make a choice where to land for a walking safari and we Focus East Africa Tours are open to helping you 24/7.

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