Tanzania and Zanzibar Tourism Events

Tanzania and Zanzibar Tourism Events : If you are looking for a perfect spot to spend your holiday, Tanzania should come first on your list. Besides world-famous destinations like Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater, and many others, Tanzania hosts major tourism events on the Tanzanian mainland and Zanzibar.

Tourism events aim to expose the unknown wonders of this fabulous country. These fascinating events are worth attending at least one of them on your next adventure. We at Focus East Africa Safaris bring you the most captivating tourism events in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Sit back and enjoy!

Kilimanjaro Marathon

The Kilimanjaro Marathon is fantastic if you wish to embark on an exceptional race on your next tour of Tanzania. This race occurs in the Kilimanjaro region, where Africa’s highest peak stands. The Kilimanjaro Marathon is one-of-a-kind. You run, exercise your body, and enjoy the views of the snow-capped mountain.

When does the Kilimanjaro Marathon take place?

The Kili Marathon takes place every year in February. Tanzania experiences a short, dry season in February. It is unforgettable to complement your safari tour in Tanzania with a race in the Kilimanjaro Marathon.

Kilimanjaro Marathon unveiled

Are you a runner? The Kilimanjaro Marathon suits visitors of all kinds, runners and non-runners. It attracts over 8,000 runners annually. You can choose your favorite race from the three races available: a full marathon, a half marathon, and a 5-kilometer fun run. The Kilimanjaro Full Marathon covers a distance of 42.2 kilometers. We recommend you run a full marathon if your fitness level is high. The route of this race starts in Moshi. The terrain passes through the foothills of the majestic Kilimanjaro. Runners will run through flat terrain and rolling hills and have to climb uphill, which is very strenuous.

A half-marathon is 21.1 kilometers long. It is a short, tough race. Runners will follow the same course as a full marathon, but there is no uphill climb. The 5K fun run is the favorite choice for people of all ages and levels. The race begins with a pre-race, where runners get their race bibs and supplies. After the race, there is a party where runners will celebrate their successes.


Who can run the Kilimanjaro Marathon?

The Kilimanjaro Marathon is for everyone. Races for all fitness levels are available. You can book this event as a package or include it in your safari itinerary.

The Swahili International Tourism Expo (S!TE)

The Swahili International Expo began in 2014. This year, the Tanzania Tourism Board will host this event from the 11th to the 13th of October. It happens at the Julius Nyerere International Conference Center in Dar es Salaam. This event aims to boost the tourism industry through marketing, conservation, sustainability, and other means.

The Swahili International Expo is a captivating event if you want to enjoy your time in Dar es Salaam, the megacity of Tanzania. If you want to join the upcoming edition of the Swahili International Expo, grab your spot.

The expo features seminars, cultural events, and exhibitions, which make it very interesting. If you are a tourist industry player, this is the perfect spot to showcase your services. If you are a visitor, this expo is a place to learn about destinations, tourist services, and the latest trends related to tourism.

International Marathon Zanzibar.

Runners will run the white beaches of coral sand and rocks between Bwejuu and Makunduchi on the southeast coast of Unguja Island. On their way back, runners will follow the paved and unpaved roads and cross a beautiful archaeological site.

They will also cross the villages of Jambiani and Paje before reaching the end in the garden of Mustaphas Place in Bwejuu.

Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF)

ZIFF is the annual film festival in Zanzibar and is one of the most popular cultural events in East Africa. Roughly 100,000 guests attend this festival, with around 7,000 coming from Europe. Here, they display the most captivating cinemas from Africa and abroad.

Creators are required to submit their films for rejuvenation. If the film makes it, actors will see it exposed to millions of audiences. This festival exhibits over 150 films from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the US, and Asia. Attendees will also enjoy live music, dances, DJs, and other performances in many venues.

The ZIFF also gives awards, such as Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Animation, and so on.

Maasai Festival in Tanzania.

If you want to celebrate the vibrant culture of the Maasai, you should not miss the Maasai Festival. This year, the Maasai Festival will be held at Magereza Grounds in Kisongo, Arusha, from August 3rd to August 9th.

The Maasai Festival is the place where different tribes in Tanzania showcase their cultures. This festival is a platform for fashion shows.

Tanzania and Zanzibar Tourism Events
Maasai Festival in Tanzania

Mwaka Kogwa Festival

Mwaka Kogwa is another traditional Shirazi New Year celebration. Although this festival originates in the Zoroastrian religion, it takes place in Zanzibar. It takes place in Makunduchi village, in southern Unguja.

On Mwaka Kogwa, men do a playfight to vent their aggression from the past year. They use banana sticks instead of real weapons. Women dress nicely and sing heart-touching songs about family, love, and joy. Afterward, the traditional healer lights a ritual on fire to determine the direction of the smoke. It is the way to determine the village’s prosperity. And finally, there is a feast for all kinds of visitors.

Other festivals and tourism events in Tanzania include the Zanzibar Cultural Festival, bullfighting on Pemba Island, and the Vaa Africa Cultural Festival and Marathon. Others include Swahili Fashion Week, Wanyambo Festival, and many more—Nyama Choma Festival in March, Unification Day in April, and Sauti za Busara in February.

Tanzania is a beautiful destination for every traveler. There are world-class destinations worth knowing on your next African adventure. At Focus East Africa Safaris, we organize authentic safari tours to eye-catching destinations in Tanzania. For an unforgettable tour, you can book a trip with us.

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