Selous Game Reserve Safari

Selous Game Reserve safari Tour. A Selous game reserve safari is one of the most thrilling things to do in Tanzania for those travelers after exclusive game safaris and off the beaten path experiences. Selous Game Reserve, also now known as Nyerere National Park is by far the best Tanzania safari destination for off the beaten path safari experience, and away from the crowd Tanzania safari destination as only about 1% Tanzania safari tourists go down to the southern safari circuit visiting Selous Game Reserve.

Selous Game Reserve is one of the true African wilderness safari destinations that travelers get to visit and be literally in the wilderness and away from people; once can actually go a number of days without seeing a car or another traveler!

Where is Selous Game Reserve Located?

Selous Game Reserve is located in the southern part of Tanzania, making part of the southern Tanzania safari circuit which is the second most visited Tanzania safari circuit after the northern Tanzania circuit.  Selous Game Reserve is considered as one of the hidden and yet to be fully exploited Tanzania safari parks, a true gem that is fascinating with amazing safari experience away from the usual crowds as may be usually seen in the northern Tanzania safari circuit destinations of say Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania! Selous Game Reserve is about 219km from Dar es Salaam, about only 4 hours of road drive.

One of the most fascinating sights while on a Selous Game Reserve safari is the beautiful Rufiji River hosting serried ranges of hippos and giant crocodiles! The Rufiji River is an amazingly beautiful game viewing scenes while on boat safaris in Selous Game Reserve.

Wildlife in Selous Game Reserve

Selous game Reserve is an oasis of wildlife. Selous game Reserve hosts about 40,000 hippos, 120,000-150,000 buffalos, about 100,000 wildebeests, 35,000 zebras, about 250,000 impalas, 100,000 wildebeests among so many others are recorded to inhabit the reserve, now Nyerere National Park. With such diversity of wildlife, the population of predators ready to pounce on them is also abundant. There are over 4,000 lions in Selous Game Reserve, a good population of leopards, hyenas, crocodiles, wild dogs, among so many others. Selous Game Reserve is one of the best places to see populations of wild dogs, with about 50% of the remaining wild dogs can be found here. Endangered black rhinos are also found here, looking out for them while on a Selous Game Reserve safari should be a priority.

Selous Game Reserve Safari
Selous Game Reserve Safari

Bird enthusiasts can also be amazed by the population of birds in Selous Game reserve while on a Selous Game Reserve safari any time of the year. There are over 440 birds in Selous game Reserve and can be seen while on a Selous game drive, or simply a Selous Game Reserve safari while on different Tanzania safari tours, say a boat safari on Rufiji River. Some of the birds in Selous Game Reserve to look out for include the Malachite Kingfishers, Trumpeter Hornbill, Purple-crested Turaco, Fish Eagle, White-fronted bee-eater, African Skimmer, Pink-backed Pelican, among others.

The Rufiji River as well as other lakes in Selous Game Reserve like Lake Manze offer amazing views and water activities.

With such attractions in Selous, there are a number of things to do in Selous Game Reserve while on a safari in the reserve. Things to do in Selous while on a Selous Game Reserve safari include walking safaris, game drives, boat safaris, bird watching, and so much more. Flying safaris in Selous Game Reserve are also possible, rewarding you with amazing views of the park, covering more area than you would usually while on a game drive or walking safari! Hot air balloon safaris can also be arranged and are very rewarding too.

How much is a Selous Game Reserve Safari?

A Selous Game Reserve safari price depends on a number of factors, like the length of the safari, number of people on the safari, accommodation options used for the safari, as well as the time or season of travel. A Selous Game Reserve safari however costs from as low as 500$ to 1,500$ per person per day, other factors as listed above considered. The kind of activities done while on a Selous Game Reserve safari also plays a big role in the Selous Game Reserve safari price; a Selous Game Reserve hot air balloon safari ride alone could be at about 500$ per person, thereby impacting the safari price to an extent.

When to Go for Selous Game Reserve safaris

Anytime throughout the year for as long as you have time is a good time to visit Tanzania on Selous Game Reserve safaris. The best time to visit Selous game Reserve is June to October which is also a peak season of travel in Tanzania; a Selous Game drive is especially amazing during this time of the year too.

How to get to Selous Game Reserve

You can get to Selous Game Reserve by road, air or train. By air travellers can fly from Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam, or even from Ruaha National Park. It is only about 90 minutes by flight from Ruaha to Selous Game Reserve, and about 45 minutes only from Dar es Salaam to Selous Game Reserve, now Nyerere National Park.

By road one can follow the Dar es Salaam-Mikumi National Park – Selous Game Reserve route, taking about 4 hours only. By railway travelers could get to Selous Game Reserve by taking the Tanzania Zambia railway AZARA from Dar es Salaam to Matambwe from where you would organise to proceed to the park.

Where to Stay while on a Selous Game Reserve Safari Tour

There are not many lodge or camp varieties to choose from, but sufficient one are available thus booking in advance is important. Some of the Selous Game Reserve accommodation, or Selous Game Reserve lodges to look out for depending on your budget include Beho Beho, Siwandu Camp, Lake Manze Camp, Sand River Selous, Sable Mountain Lodge, among so many others.

For a honeymoon Tanzania safari, or away-from-the-crowd safari experience in Tanzania, a Selous Game Reserve safari is a great Tanzania safari option to book. Get in touch with reputable tour operator to help you create an amazing Selous Game Reserve safari, say for a 3 Day Selous Game Safari, 4 Day Selous Safari, among so many others.

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