Explore the wildlife at Serengeti National Park

Explore the wildlife at Serengeti National Park : Serengeti National Parks offers wide open spaces and incredible wildlife viewing. The park is lovely and the wildlife is amazing. It is located in northern plains of Tanzania. The word “Serengeti” came from local Masaai tribe meaning land of ‘endless plains’. The Masaai are well known as skilled cattle herders. The Maasai people have been sharing this dramatic landscape of Serengeti with its wildlife for centuries. In your exploration you can stop at Massai village within the pack to buy souvenirs and somehow you can join them in their traditional jumping dance.

At Serengeti National Park there is always occurrence of two seasons within a year thus, dry and rainy (wet) seasons. The dry season starts in June and ends in October. For those who are not interested to be in crowed in dry seasons, you can skip and have your visit in the wet season when you will be comfortable having all the park for yourself. The rainy season has nothing to do with the animals at the park, instead, it’s the best season for exploring wildlife. Despite those seasons, the Serengeti offers wildlife exploration services all over the year. The animals in Serengeti are unbelievable.

Khaki (yellowish-brown wool or cotton) clothing is mostly preferred at the park. The science behind recommends using khaki clothing because they have a neutral color, repel heat, and disguise splotches of African dust and soil. Other clothing colors are also accepted except blues and blacks are the ones to avoid because they are found to attract Tsetse flies (small biting insects with very low risk to human health). However, you should bear in mind that as the sun falls, the temperature is cool and this comes as a surprise to many explorers in the park. Therefore, long sleeves are very wise for the camp in Serengeti park.

Explore the wildlife at Serengeti National Park
Explore the wildlife at Serengeti National Park

A little tip I can give you is to learn a few Swahili phrases like “Karibu” meaning welcome, “Asante” meaning thank you, “Habari” meaning hello,” Kwaheri” meaning Goodbye, and “Lala Salama” meaning goodnight. Explore Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to have a boundless smile and appreciation of its beauty.

The Serengeti sets the stage for one of Earth’s most spectacular natural events.  Guidance in the park is known to be one of the most components of exploration. The tour guides in Serengeti are well trained to make your exploration fruitful and successful. You will be spending several days with tour guides in Serengeti, so it’s important to choose your favorite person and invest your time to familiarize yourself with him/her. Tanzanian people are friendly, more importantly, their guidance will be one of the best memory of your adventure.

Costs are moderate, the Park fee is $ 70 per person/ 24 hours. The accommodation cost is $ 300 per night. Hotel rooms are built so uniquely like African huts and the views behind them are amazing. These costs vary widely based on where you stay, the quality of the hotel, and the lodge. There are still private places in Serengeti that can cost you around 2 to 4 thousand dollars ($ 2000 to $ 4000) a day, it depends on your choice.

Exploring the wildlife at Serengeti National Park is unique, it can even steal a piece of your heart, and after all, you will have your own story to tell.

Here are smooth and magical key tips to give great consideration when making your exploration plan to Serengeti National park.

Wildebeest calving seasonsNotably, this event occurs in the calendar around late January, February, and March in the southern part of Serengeti Park. During this period, the wildebeests give birth daily to around 8,000 calves in the southern plains.

Movement of wildebeests.  This is a colossal movement of wildebeest across the landscape of the park in an endless pursuit of fresh water and grass. The movement is referred to the as Great Migration. Wonderfully, the movement of wildebeests is not a single annual event, it’s never-ending and follows a loose circular path around the park. Regardless of what time of the year you visit the park in Tanzania, you have the possibility of being able to watch the movement. The most unique and popular time to explore Serengeti park is during the famous Grumeti and Mara river crossings where the streams of wildebeests brave the crocodile in rivers to cross towards the Maasai Mara park in Kenya. Each year about two million (2,000,000) wildebeests moves across the rivers from June to September. To have better chances to explore the great migration, secure the first choice accommodation by booking at least several months in advance before the dry season begins, Explore the wildlife at Serengeti National Park.

The big five animals. A combination of Lion, rhinos, elephants, and buffalo are known as the big “5 animals”. This name was given by the Tanzanian colonial game hunters for the difficulty they faced to hunt them on foot since they are most dangerous. Lion, Elephant, and cape Buffalo thrive in strong numbers throughout the park. In the company of good tour guides, you will explore these big five animals within a two or three-day game drive at the Park. Serengeti National Park in Tanzania holds a large population of Lions compared to other parks in Africa. There are about 3,500 lions found in Serengeti. However, there are Leopards and Black Rhino at the park. Frequently the black Rhinos are spotted near granite outcrops known as ‘kopies’ in the central part of the park. Leopards most like to stay at Seronera Valley, and can usually be spotted shading in branches of acacia trees.

Explore the wildlife at Serengeti National Park
Serengeti National Park Big 5

Generally, Tanzania is blessed with some of world’s wonderful creatures and beautiful features. Arriving with an open mind will make the experience so much enjoyable. For making your journey long in Africa, you can combine a safari to explore more places in in East Africa. As a traveler you can choose to combine a safari with a Mount Kilimanjaro climb (highest mountain in Africa) located in Moshi, relaxing in Beach Holiday in gorgeous Zanzibar, journey to Uganda to meet mountain Gorillas in a remote, mountainous jungle environment. All these adventures are fantastic and gives a favorite addiction exploring them.

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