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Activities in Tarangire National Park

Activities in Tarangire National Park

Activities in Tarangire National Park ( Things to do in Tarangire national park ) are the ventures that the travelers engage in when they visit the park as they explore the different wildlife species. Tarangire National Park is located in the Manyara region mainly in the Northern Part of Tanzania where the tourism activities are mainly conducted due to other various national parks available in this part of Tanzania. The best time to visit this park is from June to October whereby this is the dry season and almost all animals are found in the park. But during the wet season, there are varieties of foods especially grasses which makes the animals migrate outside the park hence being difficult in spotting the animals. The name Tarangire arose due to the presence of the Tarangire River which attracts a large concentration of game. While in this park you can engage in different activities such as Game viewing, Bird watching, Sightseeing, Cultural visits and Nature walks.

Activities of Tarangire National Park
Tarangire National Park

Game Viewing

Due to the presence of varieties of animals in Tarangire National Park, large groups of people mainly from different parts of the world are attracted to visit the park. In this national park animals like elephants are seen digging the Tarangire river during dry season searching for water are found in the huge groups. Other animals include giraffes, Great kudu, gazelles, wildebeests, and lions.

Bird Watching

Tarangire National Park being home to different birds attracts tourists especially bird lovers to visit the park. Also, due to the vegetation, it supports a diversity of birds such as Brown Parrots, Bar Faced Go Away Birds, Hornbills, Yellow Collared Love Birds, Helmeted Guinea Fowl, Bee Eater Harmar Cops, Kori Bustards and Striped Swallows. Tarangire National Park is home to more than 500 bird species which offer bird watching activities year around.

Sight Seeing

While in Tarangire National Park, one will have a chance to visit different places and contemplate the environments of the parks and appreciate nature. Such areas for sightseeing are Tarangire River due to the presence of muddy digging elephants during dry season searching for water. This river is located in the eastern part of the Rift Valley, the concentration of Elephants to this area is very huge, and also lions. The river is also surrounded by baobab trees, swamps, and Yellow Barked Fever-Trees. Sightseeing can also be done in the woodlands and acacia landscapes.

It can also be done to a swamp found in the park known by the name Silale swamp where it gives visitors a chance to view varieties of predators, including different animals, and breathtaking views at the Sambu mountains. Silale swamp also has massive rock pythons. It covers about 30 square kilometers with expansive grasslands where animals such as the bushbaby, wild dog, lions, elephants, and leopard can easily be found. It sometimes acts as a sponge especially during the rainy season but it also releases water during the dry season and by this, because it plays a major role in supporting the ecosystem in Tarangire National Park.

Cultural Visit

Tarangire National Park is surrounded by Maasai Village which also attract visitors to visit and learn their culture as they are unique in their lifestyles such as dressing style, their origin, stories, way of dancing and cultural products made by Maasai people where tourists can buy as one way of supporting a particular community or village and ornaments to the visitors used as decorations. Maasai people are one of the tribes among more than 120 tribes in Tanzania that are living their reality and are not forced by anything to change their culture and this makes them unique compared to other culture or tribes of Tanzania.

Activities in tarangire national park
Tarangire national Game Drives

Nature Walks

The park also offers a beautiful environment for morning and evening nature walk for about one to three hours with an experienced and armed guide who will be knowing various areas that can be walked on foot and share knowledge to visitors about the area. The walk can be done to scenic environments such as climbing to the top of a nearby mountain and bushwalking safaris where one will have a chance to see various birds and animals clearly without any physical obstruction. The travelers will use trails mainly natural trails which will make the visitor become deeply immersed or connected with the nature of the natural environments.

Furthermore, Tarangire national park Is surrounded Manyara National Park where visitors will also have a chance to go and visit the park where there are some attractions that are not found in Tarangire National Park such as the lake Manyara accompanied by a number of flamingoes, biking and visiting the Mto wa Mbu Cultural Enterprise where you will be able to participate in local beer or traditional beer making and feel the taste.

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