2022 Tarangire national park entry fees

2022 Tarangire national park entry fees : Welcome to the home of elephants and birds in Tanzania, with just an affordable national park entry fee. The Tarangire national park is the habitat of different wildlife as well as the birds which is located on the Northern part of Tanzania and it’s the part of the northern circuit national parks. Enjoy the wildlife, birds and the imaginary beauty of this land that is particularly special because of the scattered baobab trees that is the habitat for most of the bird and also its barks as the food of the elephants during the dry season.  The entry fee of almost all the national park is friendly and affordable to most the people and the entry fee varies for adults and children, depends on the number of days that the tourist is planning to stay not only that but also the kind of activities that they expect to be engaged can vary. The entry fee for the Tarangire national park is regulated by the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) not only Tarangire but all the national parks that are found in Tanzania. The entry fee also varies depending on the tourists, can be domestic tourists or the tourists with in East Africa and the international tourists, the park is different for any category of the visitors.

The entry fee are as follows.

53 USD – per person above the age of 16 years all the way.

17.7 USD- per person who is between the ages of 5-15year.

Free for the children who are under the age of 5 years.

The entry free once it’s paid cannot be refunded but can allow multiple entries within the period for the permit given for allowing entry into the national park.  The credit card or the master card can be used as the other form of payment while the use of cash is another acceptable way to pay, the currency used is in USD or in Tanzania shillings.

Other fee that the tourist is supposed to pay is the concession fee, which are paid for the tourists that are supposed to pay when they spend a night in any accommodations that are found within the Tarangire national park.

What to expect to do and see after paying the entry fee at Tarangire national park.

  1. Game drive in the Tarangire national park, this activity is normally done in the morning, afternoon, evening and during the night. The most adventurous and fun activity on the visit to the park is a game drive. The great drive of the savannah plains and the hills on the park is just one refreshing experience since the animal’s species you will meet along the way on the drive will surprise you. It might take 5-7 days to complete the whole park on a walk that’s the guided nature walks and about 3-4 days on a game drive to finish the whole park.

    2022 Tarangire national park entry fees
    Game drives

The morning game drive is just one energetic trip since the animals are all still active and wondering about looking for pastures. You will encounter a number of elephants, zebras, giraffes , lions gazelles and many more species as they are all over the park in the morning looking for what to feed on as the new day has just begin.

The afternoon game drives has less view of the animal species, by then most of them will be in their shelter. After they feed the animals go back to their shelter and rest, there is the chance of seeing them but they won’t be as much as they were during the morning drive. The most animals will be view while they are resting and on their shelter.

The night of drive is one that cannot be skipped, as it’s the filled with different sounds of species along the drive. This drive is very unique as it is looking for the nocturnal wildlife species such as the lions, leopards, civets, hyenas and many more.

A full day game drive is also offered here, enjoy the full day in the wilderness while searching for different wildlife all over the national park. Have a lunch at the wilderness while searching for the sight of different animals, fun and the most amazing trip that will not disappoint you, 2022 Tarangire national park entry fees.

  1. Nature walks in the plains of Tarangire national park

 Explore the this land on your own, walk on your foots through the savannah plains, as they you get more close to the nature and be part of it.  Follow different routes while searching for animals in the park, enjoy the beautiful scenery that surround the tall standing baobab trees with exceptional beauty. The best times for the guided nature walks would be in the morning and in the evening. This is the opportunity for the tourists to have time to learn more about the flora and fauna of the Tarangire national park and it normally lasts between 2-3 hours of walk. Walking through the savannah land and learning different animal routes is one epic moments to experience. It’s the great experience to explore the wildness with your own foots, feet the savannah land and maybe try to see how many of you are able to go around the thick baobab tree at the same time. This activity is normally done with the presence of the armed rangers and the guides who will be  leading the routes and filling you information while the armed rangers are there to ensure security and  safety of everyone in the park.

The diverse vegetation gives it a significant beauty that is most eye catching as it is covered with variety of vegetation such as the baobab tress, sausage trees, as well as the acacia tress.  The baobab trees are scattered in the park as they give it a magnificent look but also acts as the shelter to different wild animals such as elephants, 2022 Tarangire national park entry fees.

  1. Watch birds in the land of Tarangire national park

The Tarangire national park is the home of different bird species both the native and migratory birds. The best bird viewing destination is Tarangire as there are many bird species both the migrant bird species as well as the native bird’s species as there are over 500 different bird species. The beautiful sight of the ostriches, hornbills, hammerkops, Kori bustard, rufous tailed weavers, ashy starling, yellow colored love birds, eagles and many more. The best bird viewing areas in the park would be around the swamps and river, hills and on the woodlands and this are either their habitat area or the areas that they feed. The green swaps areas throughout the year makes these places are the breeding area for most of the bird species in the park.

2022 Tarangire national park entry fees
Birding in Tarangire national park

The large standing tall and thick Baobab tress, the savannah plain and the acacia woodland offers the most eye catching and attractive view of the birds.

Best time to visit Tarangire national park.

All year round is perfect for the visit in this national park, the choice is upon the tourist holiday. Most people prefer the dry season and termed as the best moment to visit this national park. The dry season is normally between June through October which is normally the best time to visit Tarangire national park. The migratory season is normally around this season where huge herds of animals moves towards the park. The view is reward in this season as the vegetation is short hence as the animals wander around searching for food can be easy viewed. During the migration to the Tarangire national park most of the animals to be seen are elephants that moves in large herds, the wildebeests, gazelles and zebra. Several predators can also be viewed during the movement example lions, leopards as they enter the park, 2022 Tarangire national park entry fees.

For the bird lovers the perfect timing to visit this national park is during the wet season which is between March and May because there are a lot of birds here during this season.

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