Zanzibar-What should I Pack?

Zanzibar-What should I Pack?

Zanzibar-What should I pack? Zanzibar is a beautiful part of Tanzania with various sand beaches spread through the area perfect for beach walks, honeymoons and getaways. Most travelers who book Tanzania safari packages include at least 3 days Zanzibar holidays, usually to give travelers time and an opportunity to unwind and relax. After your Tanzania wildlife safari visiting the Serengeti National Park for the great wildebeest migration, game viewing in Ngorongoro Crater and so much more from the three Tanzania safari circuits especially the northern safari circuit, a Zanzibar beach holiday is just the perfect getaway and ad-on on to end your Tanzania safari tour.

Zanzibar enjoys a tropical climate with sunshine all year through, making it a great year round destination. So whenever you do plan on traveling for a Tanzania safari tour, consider including Zanzibar for amazing turquoise blue water activities like snorkeling, stunning white sand beaches perfect for even meditation. Zanzibar-what should I pack? Wonder no more, below are some of the items that you may pack for your much anticipated Zanzibar holiday;

Breathable, lightweight clothing

For your Zanzibar holiday, consider packing breathable, lightweight fabric that shall have you comfortable during your different activities in Zanzibar. Cotton, linen and rayon are great fabrics to consider for your Zanzibar holiday. You shall get to see that even the locals do know the need to wear comfortable clothing in Zanzibar; the local fabrics say the “khanga” are usually made of cotton, comfortable enough for the weather and climate of Zanzibar. For your evening wear, smart casual is the way to go.

Comfortable walking shoes

Think of packing comfortable walking shoes for your Zanzibar safari holiday, that shall have you freely moving comfortably in Zanzibar especially on the sand beaches and streets of Zanzibar, say sandals and sneakers.

Other clothing that you can pack for your Zanzibar safari holiday include swimsuits, as well as light sweaters. A sun hat to protect you from the sun is also a great carry for your Zanzibar holiday.

Zanzibar-What should I Pack?
Zanzibar-What should I Pack?

Knee length shorts, skirts and dresses

Keeping in mind that Tanzania and Zanzibar in particular is strict on decency, travellers are advised to pack and wear knee length shorts, skirts and dresses lest they are deemed indecent by the locals. Also remember to include shirts and tops which do cover your shoulders; short sleeve shirts and tops are fine during the day but long sleeved shirts should be perfect for the night.

Light rain jacket

Should you be visiting Zanzibar during the rainy season, packing a rain jacket that is light weight should be considered, to keep you from the rains.


The tropical sun of Zanzibar shall not leave you the same should you not have sunscreen with you. Ensure to pack for yourself any form or type of sunscreen to keep your skin from burning or drying out.


Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun as well as dirt or sand which may be blown by winds while on a beach walk. Remember to include them on your packing list of your Zanzibar holiday.

First Aid kit

You should also consider packing a first aid kit for your Zanzibar holiday. This can surely come in handy when say you do get a cut, or even a scrape or anything. Your simple first aid kit should include at least Band-Aids, gauze, itch relief cream, antibiotic and pain relief medicines among others. A mosquito repellent cream is a must carry to keep the noisy and stinging mosquitoes.


When travelling to Zanzibar for your Zanzibar holiday, medicines treating ailments like malaria, fever, running stomach, constipation among others should be included on your packing list for your Zanzibar holiday.

The above are some of the items that you may consider for your Zanzibar safari. Zanzibar safari holidays are a great climax to your Tanzania safari holidays which take you seeing the big five and other wildlife in Tanzania in the various national parks of Tanzania.  Lions, free ranging elephants, leopards, rhinos, cheetahs, antelopes, giraffes, buffaloes, hyenas, wildebeests, hippos, gazelles, chimpanzees and the African wild dogs among others are some of the animals that t=you shall see on a Tanzania wildlife safari, and what a great way to climax your Tanzania wildlife safari with a white sand beach holiday in Zanzibar. When you do include Zanzibar on your Tanzania wildlife safari, remember to check through Zanzibar-what should I pack list for what you should seriously pack for your Zanzibar holiday. Get in touch with a tour operator of your choice for a perfect tailor-made Tanzania wildlife safari and Zanzibar holiday, or go through any of the packages here that may befit your tastes and preferences.

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