Weather of Serengeti National Park

Weather of Serengeti national park

Weather of Serengeti national park

Weather of Serengeti National Park is moderate and pleasant with the Temperatures being quite uniform throughout the year. Generally, Tanzania like any other African countries receive rainfall seasons twice in a year with two dry seasons and usually the first rains are more than the second rains while the first dry season is shorter than the second dry season.

The weather of Serengeti National Park is normally warm during day time and cold during night time and early mornings making it good to have both warm and light clothes during your trip to Serengeti. Warm clothes are good to put on during morning game drives and evening game drives, the park altitude varies from 1,140 to 2,099 meters above seas level hence affecting the variation on temperatures which can raise high or drop low.

serengeti national park weather

The Serengeti national park dry season starts from June to October and the wet season starts from March to May which is longer rainy season and the other short rainy season which starts from November to December. Most times the rains occur during afternoon or night time hence not affecting much of the activities of your trip while in Serengeti national park

During rainy season that is from March to May and November to December the temperatures are always low around 26 degrees Celsius during day and 15 degrees Celsius during night. In dry season that is June to October most of the afternoons are clear and fairly cold with temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius and at night they drop to 14 degrees Celsius.

Its during dry season that the wildebeest migration occurs in Serengeti national park where animals are crossing to Maasai Mara through the Mara river under the watch dog of predators both on land and water predators like crocodiles all waiting for the lunch and dinner at the wildebeest crossing. It is always a record that out of millions of wildebeest which tend to cross to Maasai Mara thousands do not come back after being killed by predators.

During rainy season which is always the breeding period for both animals and birds and they are among the best months to visit Serengeti national park especially for birders, most birds especially the migratory birds which come to Serengeti for only breeding come around this time and they make their nests during this time. In February to March the wildebeest crosses to Ndutu in Southern Serengeti to Northern Ngorongoro conservation Area for calving season.

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