Visit Zanzibar island

Visit Zanzibar island  : Zanzibar island is an ideal destination for a holiday when visiting Tanzania. The island is also known for its beautiful white sand beaches and azure waters.

Apart from being a dream destination in Tanzania, Zanzibar island also has a diversity of culture and a rich history. There is also to find out about the island and its people and also various activities to engage in when visiting Zanzibar island.

For those who want a romantic getaway, Zanzibar island is a destination to consider with a variety of accommodations to choose from that have amazing views and packages for couples and a number of activities are carried out on the island for couples such as beach walks, cocktails by the shores of the Indian ocean and so much more.

Zanzibar island is also a place where destination weddings are carried out and it is also a good place to get away from crowds and relax while enjoying views of the Indian ocean’s azure waters.

Stone town

The rich history of Zanzibar island can be experienced during a tour of the famous Stone town which reflects the Arabic, Indian, Persian and European influences which is reflected in the architecture of the island. Walks through the winding alleyways of Stone town are common during holidays in Zanzibar and the activity can be done individually or in the company of a local guide.

Some of the places to visit when visiting Stone town include the house of wonders, the old Turkish baths, bazaars, the local markets among others. Zanzibar island is also famed for the curved wooden doors. Stone town is also a UNESCO world heritage site with a lot of detail to look out for when touring the destination.

When touring Stone town, you can also enjoy buying the local arts and crafts which reflect the different cultures of Zanzibar island, enjoy souvenir shopping and generally interacting with the locals and getting to know about their cultures and way of life.

Visit Zanzibar island
Stone Town

Spice tours in Zanzibar

Zanzibar island is also known as the spice island and there are various spices that are grown and processed on the island.

Spice tours on Zanzibar island involve touring the spice farms and getting to know how the spices are grown and their different uses. Spices grown on Zanzibar island include nutmeg, cloves, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, cinnamon among others.

Some of the spices have medicinal uses and after a tour of the spice farms of Zanzibar island, the tourists can taste local or traditional dishes prepared using the spices grown on the island.

Snorkeling and diving in Zanzibar

Zanzibar also has a diversity of marine life and coral reefs which can be seen during activities like diving and snorkeling which are carried out during tours on the island. Apart from these activities there is so much more to experience during a holiday around Zanzibar island.

Diving in Zanzibar can be done in different places as you get to experience Zanzibar island below the waters. You can engage in shore dives or reef dives during a tour of the island. And you can get to the coral reefs by boat. The island has ancient corals where a variety of creatures can be seen including different types of fish and turtles. Some places where diving is carried out in Zanzibar include Mnemba atoll, kizimkazi, Hunga, Magic reef and also Pemba and Mafia islands.

Apart from diving, other activities to engage in when visiting Zanzibar island include deep sea fishing, kayaking, boat rides, swimming and snorkeling, wind surfing, kite surfing, water skiing among others.

Jozani forest reserve

Nature lovers during their tour of Zanzibar island can visit the Jozani forest reserve which is home to the endangered red colobus monkeys. All types of tourists including solo travelers and group travellers can enjoy a holiday around the island.

Visit Zanzibar island
Jozani forest

Apart from the endangered red colobus monkeys, a variety of bird species and butterfly species can be seen during a tour on Zanzibar island. Activities which are carried out around the Jozani forest reserve include board walks.

Changuu island tour

Another place to visit during a tour of Zanzibar island is Changuu island which is also referred to as Prison island. Prison island is located about 6 kilometers from Stone town.

Giant Aldabra tortoises can be seen during a tour of the Prison island and the island is accessed by boat from Stone town which takes about 30 minutes. These boats can be private boats and also public boats. Some of the activities done on the island include swimming, snorkeling and also sunbathing.

How to get to Zanzibar island

Zanzibar island during tours can be accessed by boat and also by flight. The boat to Zanzibar can be got from Dar es Salaam.

The flights to Zanzibar island can be got from different destinations and the island is accessed using both domestic and international flights. The airport which is found on Zanzibar island is called Abeid Amani Karume international airport.

Best time to visit Zanzibar island

Zanzibar island is a destination which can be visited through the year including both the rainy season and the dry season.

The dry season around June to October is considered a good time for a holiday on Zanzibar island and is a time of the year when the weather is good. The dry season is also a time when many tourists visit the island for holiday.

The rainy season in Zanzibar is around the months of March, April and May and also around November and December. Most tourists tend to avoid the wet or rainy season when visiting Zanzibar island.

Hotels around Zanzibar island

Zanzibar island also has a variety of accommodation options where tourists can stay during their holidays and these include luxury hotels, midrange hotels and also budget hotels.

The hotels in Zanzibar are found on different parts of the island and they include Zuri Zanzibar hotel and resort, Kendwa rocks beach resort, Zanzibar Serena hotel, Golden Tulip Zanzibar resort, Melia Zanzibar among others. There are also a number of places to stay in Stone town during a holiday on Zanzibar island.

Visit Zanzibar island and enVisit Zanzibar islandjoy a tour of the attractions on the island and relax on the white sand beaches.

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