Top 6 things to know Before Booking a Serengeti Safari Tour

Top 6 things to know Before Booking a Serengeti Safari Tour:  The Serengeti National Park is by no doubt the ultimate African safari destination. Every true safari enthusiast’s ultimate dream is to embark on a safari excursion to the location of wildlife’s most breathtaking display. The Serengeti, Tanzania’s most well-known park and home to some of the best game watching in the world, is renowned for being one of the largest and most pristine wilderness areas in the world.

The Serengeti National Park offers an once-in-a-lifetime African safari experience throughout the year, with so many tourist attractions including the calving grounds of Ndutu, the Seronera playground for the Big 5 Animals, and the stunning river crossings in Mara, Kogatende and Grumeti. There are some important tips you should know and be aware of before making you’re booking and taking your flight to ensure and make your safari experience to this African’s finest national park in Tanzania unforgettable.

Here is all you should know before booking your Serengeti safari tour if you are eager to see African nature for yourself but are unsure of where to begin. The bulk of the questions we get about safaris are concerning Serengeti safaris. We believe that people who want to go on a Serengeti safari should take the following five factors into account, Top 6 things to know Before Booking a Serengeti Safari Tour

The great wildebeest migration during your Serengeti safari

The greatest highlight of Serengeti National Park is the annual great wildebeest migration. By understanding the great wildebeest migration and what to expect, you can choose when to visit the Serengeti and how many nights you should stay there. Over 2 million animals move continuously in a circle between the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya during the great wildebeest migration, often known as the great migration or just the great migration.

The great migration is the biggest herd movement in the animal kingdom. More than 1.2 million wildebeest, 300,000 zebras, as well as topi and various gazelles, are a part of this migration. The calving and the river crossing are the two primary spectacles of this epic migration.

Top 6 things to know Before Booking a Serengeti Safari Tour
Serengeti wildebeest migration

The best time to do a Serengeti safari

When is the best time to visit Serengeti National Park? That depends on a variety of factors, which we will discuss further below. First of all, you should be aware that the Serengeti National Park is open all year long. Nevertheless, if you want to see the great migration, we suggest visiting around the months of June to October. You may get the chance to witness the wildebeest, zebras, and other antelopes crossing rivers from June to October, which is the pinnacle of the great migration. Consider the months of November through April if you enjoy bird watching because there are many different bird species during this time, including migratory species that come from Europe and Northern Africa.

The rainy season, which lasts from March to May, offers a chance to cut costs on lodging while still getting to enjoy a safari with fewer people in the park because it’s off-peak. However, the wet season may bring rough driving conditions and make it challenging to see any game. Even some lodgings could not be reachable. The dry months of June to October are generally the best times to explore the Serengeti. The best opportunities for game viewing are during this time, even if you are not up for the huge migration. However, keep in mind that this is what we refer to as high season, so prices for accommodations tend to be higher and the park is overcrowded with many safari vehicles for tourists, Top 6 things to know Before Booking a Serengeti Safari Tour

 The number of days you need to visit the Serengeti

There are 14763 square kilometers in Serengeti National Park (5700 square miles). The Serengeti offers many viewing opportunities in various locations. The Serengeti National Park offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including balloon safaris, walking safaris, camping safari, game drives, picnicking and unique off-road excursions. Therefore, you should stay in the Serengeti for a minimum of 4 days (3 nights) to get the most out of your visit in this best safari destination in Africa. However, a minimum of 3 days (2 nights) can give you a taste of what the Serengeti has to offer, and you could even enjoy it.

Serengeti Safari accommodation options

There are three different types of safari accommodation in Serengeti National Park. You can choose between sleeping in a tent, a cabin, or a camp made up of tents. Your choice of lodging may be influenced by your budget, amount of exclusivity, and comfort. In order to get a sense of lodging options in the Serengeti, you might want to check out Kubu-Kubu Tented Lodge, four season safari lodge and Serengeti Tortilis Camp.

Packing list

What to Pack in your Serengeti safari? For the chilly mornings and evenings, remember to carry long pants, a cozy sweater, comfy sneakers or shoes, polarized sunglasses, a hat, a camera, additional batteries for your camera, strong binoculars, and digital memory cards. Be sure to prepare warmly because the Serengeti can get chilly in May, Top 6 things to know Before Booking a Serengeti Safari Tour

Other attractions to be in your Serengeti safari itinerary

What else can a Serengeti safari be combined with? In addition to visiting the Serengeti National Park, there are a variety of wonderful activities available to supplement your Serengeti safari. Taking a quick flight to Zanzibar Island, going on a spectacular hot-air balloon safari to see the migration from above, visiting lake Manyara national park for tree climbing lions or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. You can combine your Serengeti safari with other amazing parks in Tanzania, including Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Ngorongoro Crater.

Top 6 things to know Before Booking a Serengeti Safari Tour
Serengeti Big 5

How to get to the Serengeti

The Serengeti can be reached by car or by plane. Direct travel from Moshi to the Serengeti requires roughly eight hours. Since it takes so long to get from Moshi/Arusha to Serengeti National Park, we typically don’t advice you to travel directly from one to the other. We would instead advice you to travel to and have a stopover at Lake Manyara or Tarangire national parks.

The trip to the Serengeti the next day will take about 4 hours from the Karatu region. Apart from road transport you can take a flight from the airport in Arusha rather than drive to the Serengeti. The Serengeti has nine airports. A second driver will be waiting to pick you up at the appropriate airfield in the Serengeti after our driver drops you off at the Arusha airport for your flight. From other national parks and game reserves, such as Masai Mara, you can fly to the Serengeti too.

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