The Ngorongoro crater animals

The Ngorongoro crater animals : The world’s largest inactive caldera that was formed due to the gigantic volcanic eruptions and located on the northern part of Tanzania is the most beautiful tourism attraction. The Ngorongoro crater is about 600m deep, 16km across and 265 kilometer in area. The landscape is dessert like areas swamps land and the green oasis that is covered by the wide range of wildlife. The word Ngorongoro is the Maasai word which means the gift of life and from the moment you step into this incredible land is when you will realize why it’s named that way. This crater is the home of many wild animals and more incredibly is the home of the big five rest, if it’s your dream to see the big five then here is the perfect place see the big five all at once. The crater is also the home of different bird species, the beautiful pink flamingos have creatively decorated this area around the Empakai crater and water falls. Most significantly Ngorongoro crater has the largest population of lions in East Africa. It’s almost impossible not to see the lion in the park because there are approximately 62 lions.

The Ngorongoro conservation area is the home of about 2,500 different animals that are found roaming on the floor of the crater. They inhabit both the small and large animals, the large animals includes the big five. Due to the volcanic eruption the land is highly fertile hence there are a lot of beautiful green grasses that covers the floor of the crater and most of the animals loves this place because of the abundance of the green grasses to feed on around the cliffs and the walls of the crater. As it is Sayed that some animals just felt inside the crater accidentally and so they could not come up again towards the rim of the crater hence this led to them being abundant inside the crater. As it is believed that they dropped while they are migrating from the lake Manyara national park towards Serengeti National Park  because the animals migrate from Serengeti to Manyara during the dry season.

The animals in the Ngorongoro crater.

The Black Rhinos

 The Ngorongoro crater is highly blessed because the black rhinos can be easily seen and they are at the close distance in the natural environment.

The Ngorongoro crater animals
Black Rhinos

The close distance towards them can enable the tourist to view and see their two horns that cannot be seen easily when in a distance from them.  The black rhinos is one among the big fives that can be easily view while at the Ngorongoro crater. The black rhinos are mostly located around the swaps inside the crater. The black rhino are quite happy inside the crater despite the presence of different predators such as leopards and lion. The black rhino species is only found in the East African and South African countries such as Botswana, Zambia and Namibia.  They are color varies from brown to grey despite of them being named the black rhinos. The species of the black rhinos is classified as the most endanger species in the world while the black rhinos from the south west are considered as the vulnerable. The black rhinos have the smaller home ranges and large concentration that tends to have access with plenty of water and food.

 The leopards of the Ngorongoro National Park.

Leopards are the shortest cats among the big cats with the weight of up to 100kg and they are more muscular than the cheetahs. The leopards are mostly strong and uses their strength to stalk and ambush preys and jump to the trees with their meals to avoid it from being taken away by the other predators. The leopards have the smaller, irregular shaped spots that are grouped together in circles to form the beautiful rosettes.

 The leopards normally hunt during the night and very occasionally they can be seen hunting during the day. They have a very sensitive light that can detect movement during the night and they have the large pupils that allows the abundant light to enter making it possible to hunt in the dark.

The African Buffalos.

They can easily be seen especially during the game drive, they mostly located around the grassy plains of the Ngorongoro crater this is due to their nature that they are herbivorous and hence feed on grasses only.  The buffalos appearances seems to look alike like those of the cows and they are called herds while in a group. There are about 4000 buffalos that can be seen roaming inside the floor of the crater. among the big five the buffalos are considered as the most dangerous animals.

The Ngorongoro crater animals
The African Buffalo

The lions of the Ngorongoro Crater.

There are about 65 lions that are found inside the Ngorongoro crater in this safari destination. The group of lions in known as pride, while in on the game drive its very common to meet a pride of lion as they are hunting for their prey and most especially during the morning and at night. The unique feature of this lions is that the older the lion the darker is the mane and its common among the male lions while the female lions do not have the mane. The female lions are the once that do the hunting most of the time while the male lions do not and also it’s their responsibilities to teach and train their babies to hurt for the prey.  The lions are carnivorous in nature hence they hunt and most of their preys are buffalos, zebra, and antelopes among others.

 The large African Elephants

 The Ngorongoro national park is the home of about 300 African elephants which are the largest land animals in the world. While on the game drive is very common to meet the large herds of elephants across the grassy plains on the crater floor as they feed on different plants. The African elephants are herbivorous and so they feed on green grasses and plants. They also plays the major role in the ecosystem as they dig up the dry water beds with their tusks which creates watering holes where different animal species and birds and drink from. They also uproots different drees which creates the open lands which are perfect for the game viewing activities in the park, thus The Ngorongoro crater animals.

 The stripped Hyenas at the crater floor.

The stripped Hyenas of the Ngorongoro crater and national park normally inhabit in the open bush, semi-dessert, savannah and they can be easily spotted in the early morning or during the night. The striped hyenas are more silence than the spotted hyenas. They look alike with the spotted hyenas except that they have a smaller bodies, have the pointed ears, striped coats and thick erectile mane along the spine.

The Ngorongoro crater animals
The stripped Hyenas at the crater floor.

 The wildebeest found in the crater.

The number of the wildebeest inside the Ngorongoro crater adds up to 1.7 million, as they pass across the property of this crater towards the Serengeti national park due to the annual migration which occurs due to the dry season at Serengeti national park annually. The wildebeest follows the green and fertile grasses that are found inside the crater for them to feed in inside the crater, some even go further and move towards the Manyara national park.

 There are also other many different animals found here apart from the mentioned above which includes the giraffe which are found along the rim of the crater and not inside the crater because of the height hence cannot go down the crater, another animals includes, hippos, zebra, birds, Thompsons gazelles, antelopes, these are just to mention a few.

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