The Cost of a Tanzania Safari

The Cost of a Tanzania Safari

The Cost of a Tanzania Safari

The Cost of a Tanzania Safari is the sum of money one must pay to be able to have a complete tour including different activities, transport, and accommodation with meals. Tanzania is located in East Africa and is among the popular tourist destinations with the northern part of the country being visited due to attractions such as Serengeti national park, Tarangire national park, Ngorongoro conservation area, Lake Manyara national park commonly known as the northern tourist circuit.

Before choosing to go on Tanzania Safaris or any other destination for a safari, there are a number of steps a person goes through which include collecting information about different destinations, comparing the destinations and finally decision making.

The cost of a safari to Tanzania is a major factor that is considered during the planning phase of the trip. This is because the budget of a person greatly defines different aspects of the safari such as the type of accommodation, means of transport during the safari as well as the activities during the safari among other factors.

A person planning a safari to Tanzania can plan for the different safari packages organized by tour companies that offer both tailored and scheduled safaris to this destination. The tailored safaris are much preferred during trips since they are made to fit the client’s preference and budget.

The history of safaris has evolved over time from when the rich and famous were the only ones who would go for safaris to destinations such as Tanzania. This has changed over time in a way that there are affordable safaris which cater for all budgets. 

The different packages organized to this destination provide value for money for the tourists. The safari packages to Tanzania include expenses such as the guide fees, transport, park entry fees, meals during the safari among others.

Some of the factors which determine the cost of safaris to Tanzania include the following;

  • Duration of the safari is also a major factor that determines the price of the safari because it determines the overall cost of the trip to the destinations around Tanzania and its unique attractions. The longer the duration of the safari, the higher the costs while the shorter the duration of the trip, the lesser the costs during the safari.
  • Seasons of the safari such as the peak season, the low season, high season also affects the costs during the safari. 

The peak season is during the months of July to October and December and during this time, there are many tourists visiting the destination to engage in a variety of activities and to explore the different attractions in Tanzania. the wildlife viewing opportunities at this time of the year provide amazing experiences during safaris to the national parks.

The high season occurs during the months of January and February and during this time, the number of tourists at a destination is still high. 

The low season takes place during the months of March to May and in November when the number of tourists visiting the destinations around Tanzania and the costs are less compared to other seasons of the year.

The time for the wildebeest migration in Serengeti national park also affects the cost of safaris in Tanzania since many tourists are interested in witnessing this migration which takes place in different parts of the national park during the year. 

This migration also takes place during the months of June to October as well as the calving season from January to February. Tourists usually visit Serengeti national park during this time of the year.

  • The type of accommodation also affects the price of the safari to Tanzania. The type of accommodations includes budget accommodation, mid-range accommodation, and luxury accommodation. These accommodations include tented camps and lodges as well as hotels that offer different services to the tourists. Another option for accommodation includes camping at the public and private campsites around different destinations. Some of the accommodations around Tanzania offer a variety of activities for their guests such as game drives, bush lunches, nature walks, horse riding, transfers to and from the airstrips, among others.
  • The number of people going for the safari is a major factor to consider when planning a safari to Tanzania. This is because group safaris are cheaper than customized safaris though they offer less flexibility during the safari. The more the number of people going for the safari, the cheaper the rate per person.
  • The type of destination in Tanzania is also a major factor that determines the price of the safari because the fees paid at each destination vary at the different destinations around the country and these fees apply differently to foreigners, residents, nonresidents as well as children. The entry fees at destinations such as Serengeti national park and Ngorongoro conservation area are higher compared to other destinations around the country and this also has an impact on the cost incurred during the safari.
  • The type of transport is also an important aspect when considering the costs of safari. This is because means of transport such as flying are costly which means higher costs during the trip while using road transport during a safari is less costly and provides a better way to experience the surroundings around Tanzania’s destinations

Flying to the different airstrips at the destinations around Tanzania includes domestic flights as tourists transfer from one destination to another although they are known to be a little costly. Flights are costlier during the peak season and may require prior booking to avoid the high costs.

When organizing the trips to Tanzania, another important aspect to consider is the vaccinations needed for the safari. These vaccinations include yellow fever, hepatitis A and B vaccinations among others.

The different destinations which are visited around Tanzania include Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro conservation area, Arusha national park, Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara national park in the northern part of the country.

The attractions in the southern part of Tanzania include Selous game reserve, Ruaha national park, Mahale national park, Katavi national park. This part of the country is less renowned and it also requires more driving time to reach during a safari.

Most of the trips in the northern part of Tanzania start from Arusha while those in the southern part of the country start from Dar es salaam. Other destinations that can be visited by tourists interested in exploring this country include Mt. Kilimanjaro which is known for its hiking adventures.

Trekking to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro which is considered the highest mountain in Africa is among the sort after adventures among hikers and other tourists. There are different trails followed during these hikes and they include Machame route, Lemosho route, Umbwe route, Shira route, Rongai route, Marangu route.

The Cost of a Tanzania Safari
Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti National Park – The Cost of a Tanzania Safari

Some of the costs incurred during safaris in Tanzania include hot air balloon trips, Maasai village tours, tipping the service providers during the safari, accommodation before the trip and after the trip, airport transfers, drinks and meals, travel insurance,

Other costs incurred during safaris in Tanzania include concession fees which are paid when staying in the lodges and other accommodations within the national park and reserves. The private concession areas are restricted to the guests staying at the lodges found inside these reserves. 

Plan your safari to Tanzania and experience the different destinations for a memorable holiday experience with your loved ones. 

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The Cost of a Tanzania Safari

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