The best safari park in Tanzania

The best safari park in Tanzania : Tanzania is a country which stands out from the rest when it comes to safaris in the wild. The country has various national parks and game reserves found across different parts of Tanzania which is an East African country.

There are many safari parks which can be visited around Tanzania including the northern safari circuit, the west and southern parks of Tanzania and there is also a place to see the rare colobus monkeys on Zanzibar island.

Wildlife viewing is among the many reasons that tourists visit Tanzania safaris and the activities which are carried out during the search for the wildlife species around the national parks and reserves include game drives which are done in the morning, afternoon and in the night, nature walks and also hot air balloon safari rides.

Serengeti national park is among the famous wildlife parks of Tanzania and it is found in the northern part of Tanzania. This national park has for 3 years now also been voted as Africa’s leading national park.

The wildebeest migration is among the attractions that can be seen during a safari around Serengeti national park. Over 2 million wildebeests can be seen in Serengeti national park and many other wildlife species can be seen during safaris around the national park and they include the big five such as elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalos.

The best safari park in Tanzania
Wildebeest Migration

Wildlife species during safaris around Serengeti national park can be seen in the north where river crossings also take place along the Mara river, in the southern plains of Serengeti national park where the calving season takes place around the Ndutu area, in the central part of Serengeti national park which is also referred to as Seronera area and also the western parts of the national park.

Other wildlife parks in the northern part of Tanzania include the Ngorongoro crater, Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara national park and also Arusha national park. In Kilimanjaro national park, tourists visiting Tanzania can hike on Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa.

In the southern part of Tanzania, safaris can be done in national parks such as Ruaha national park, Selous game reserve or Nyerere national park and during tours to these parks in Tanzania; you can enjoy the wilderness and off the track.

During safaris in the western part of Tanzania, tourists can enjoy a primate experience and see chimpanzees around Gombe national park and also take part in a safari around Mahale mountains national park. Few visitors also take part in safaris in these parts of Tanzania throughout the year as compared to safaris in the northern part of the country.

Many other parks are found in Tanzania such as Mikumi national park, Katavi national park, Saadani national park, Udzungwa mountains national park, Burigi Chato national park, Kigosi national park among others.

Each safari park in Tanzania has unique attractions and the experience is different for every traveller. Some people prefer to visit these parks during the dry season which is also the high season while other travellers visit the national parks during the wet or rainy season.

The dry season is considered the best time to engage in safaris around the national parks in Tanzania and wildlife species can be spotted around water sources in the parks making them easy to spot as compared to the rainy season.

Wildlife species can also be seen during safaris in the wet or rainy season in Tanzania’s national parks when the vegetation is also greener and photography is also amazing and there are not so many tourists exploring the national parks during safaris.

Some of the parks are famous for specific attractions like Serengeti national park known for the wildebeest migration, Kilimanjaro national park for Mount Kilimanjaro, Tarangire national park for many elephants, Lake Manyara national park for tree climbing lions and so much more. Tourists with specific interests during tours in Tanzania can choose from the destinations with these attractions that they want to see as they explore the national parks.

When visiting these national parks around Tanzania, there are certain charged that are incurred such as park entrance fees, concession fees, camping fees, transportation or vehicle charges and also accommodation charges.

Apart from the wildlife species in the national parks, different bird species are also found in Tanzania and can be seen during safaris. Bird watching is an exciting experience when visiting Tanzania and it is best done around November to April.

The best safari park in Tanzania
Mount Kilimanjaro

Road transport and air transport are the most used ways of accessing the national parks around Tanzania. For some destinations which are remote, travellers opt to fly to the airstrips in the national parks or around the parks. Scheduled and charter flights are operated by domestic airlines like Regional air, Coastal aviation among others.

When flying to Tanzania for a safari experience around the national parks, the airports to fly to include Kilimanjaro international airport, Julius Nyerere international airport, Abeid Amani Karume international airport among others..

Driving to the national parks of Tanzania is an exciting experience of enjoying the countryside and the beautiful scenery around Tanzania. These drives can be done in 4×4 safari vehicles used for exploring the national parks and they can be hired for those who prefer to do self-drives during safaris.

Visit Tanzania and experience the best wildlife safaris in different seasons of the year as you go to the national parks.

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