4 days Serengeti and Ngorongoro Safari from Zanzibar

Tanzania Safari Solo Traveller

Tanzania Safari Solo Traveller

Tanzania safari solo traveller, or Tanzania safari single traveller is on the growth every other year, with more and more people opting to go for solo safaris in Tanzania. As long as you exercise basic safety awareness and avoid lonely deserted areas especially at night, Tanzania safari solo travellers are very safe to embark on an amazing Tanzania safari tour even when travelling alone, any time of the year. A Tanzania safari solo traveller, or a Tanzania safari single traveller can visit most if not even all of the safari destinations in Tanzania, including any of the many game reserves and national parks of Tanzania, as well as the stunning beach side in Zanzibar Island.

Whilst travelling solo in Tanzania to enjoy the various amazing Tanzania classic safari destinations and so many others, say hiking the Mount Kilimanjaro, there is a definite advantage of a significant cost-saving when going in a group or with more people on a safari, privately. For those solo Tanzania safari travellers with time on their hands, there are longer activities you may engage in, say volunteer-ism, where you get a deeper understanding of Tanzania and give back to her. Volunteer-ism for Tanzania safari single travellers with time on their hands has them joining non-profit organizations to contribute to their time and efforts to community development or conservation work. Volunteer-ism is basically volunteer tourism, which gives travelers a more purposeful travel experience, which is indeed becoming increasingly popular with solo travellers in Tanzania.

There are a number of Tanzania safari destinations that travellers, solo or single travellers in Tanzania can visit for very rewarding Tanzania safari experiences. The various Tanzania safari tour destinations that a Tanzania safari solo traveller can visit include;

The Northern safari circuit Parks

The northern safari circuit parks of Tanzania are the most visited Tanzania national parks. The northern safari circuit parks of Tanzania are located, like the name suggests, in the northern part of Tanzania with Arusha town as the hub and base for most of the Tanzania safaris in the north. The northern safari circuit parks of Tanzania include some of the prime Tanzania safari destinations including the famous Serengeti National Park famous for the great wildebeest migration, the African big five and stunning endless Serengeti plains, Ngorongoro Conservation Area which is famous for having the Ngorongoro Crater which is the largest inactive caldera in the world and with a vibrant array of wild animals including over 25000 animals and the African Big Five sightings, Tarangire National Park renowned for the huge elephant herds and towering baobab trees and birdlife, Lake Manyara National Park famous for the tree climbing lions, huge population of flamingos on Lake Manyara, as well as Arusha National Park which is the nearest Tanzania park and the Kilimanjaro Mountain which is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free standing mountain in the world.

Tanzania Safari Solo Traveller
Serengeti wildebeest migration

The Southern safari circuit Parks

The southern safari circuit parks have the famous Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park which are the most sought after here, rewarding travellers with some of the most amazing game drives and have great lodges and camps perfect for even a Tanzania safari solo traveller.

The Western safari circuit parks

The reason that Tanzania safari solo travellers do look to visit on a Tanzania safari tour the western safari circuit parks is in order to visit the much sought after chimpanzees in both Mahale National park and Gombe Stream National Park. Tanzania safari solo travellers after experiencing the chimpanzees with chimpanzee tracking in Gombe Stream National Park experiences, you can take time to include the western safari circuit parks on their Tanzania safari packages.

Zanzibar Island

For Tanzania safari solo travellers after walking on fine white sand beaches and taking in a bit of sun can consider including the Zanzibar island on their Tanzania safari holidays and trust me you shall not regret. You shall get to visit and walk on some of the best beaches in Zanzibar, whilst staying in great Zanzibar hotels and resorts. Enjoy stunning sunset views while on a traditional dhow, walk on fine white sand beaches in Zanzibar say the Nungwi beach, do the Stone town tour, and so many other activities.

When travelling solo on a Tanzania safari, it is important that you consider taking extra precaution of your surroundings, and take care of your valuable items like watches and electronic gadgets like smart phones and cameras. Do not flaunt your wealth or worse, tempt fate for just like any other country out there, there are always thugs and likeminded people on the lookout for who to steal from. For your safety as a Tanzania safari solo travellers, basic and simple rules like moving in more numbers in the night and not alone is advised which you can do by having your driver guide go with you wherever it is you may want to. As for solo female travellers on Tanzania safari tours, dressing decently whilst going out is advised, as well as not move solo and in dark alleys at night is advised against.

Tanzania Safari Solo Traveller
Zanzibar Island

When to go for solo Tanzania safaris

You can go for solo Tanzania safaris any time of the year, with the best time being the dry season when wild game viewing is more rewarding as they can easily be seen in almost one place, at the few waterholes still with water in the dry season as many animals in the park congregate to have a drink, with predators like lions and hyenas hunting down their prey unsuspectingly quenching their thirst and having a dip in the cool waters. The dry season is also a great time for a Tanzania safari traveller to visit as you shall be in the company of a number of other travellers touring Tanzania, and not be literally the only one during the wet season which has way fewer tourists in the parks and lodges. Irrespective of the season however, you are guaranteed of great animal views because all the animals in the various parks and game reserves of Tanzania are residents, meaning they can be seen anytime of the year.

Interested in a Tanzania safari but travelling solo? Do not be dismayed or afraid of embarking on one of the most rewarding Africa safari experience in Tanzania, which is the best place in Africa for amazing and thrilling Africa safari experiences especially for game drives and fine white sand beach holidays in Zanzibar Island. Take time to reach out to a Tanzania safari expert for an amazing Tanzania safari tour, even for a Tanzania safari solo traveller as you.

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