Serengeti safari and Zanzibar holidays

Serengeti safari and Zanzibar holidays

Serengeti safari and Zanzibar holidays : Serengeti national park is a safari destination which is found in the northern part of Tanzania. This national park is famous for its wildlife viewing that can be done at all times of the year and also for its vast plains.

A safari to Serengeti national park can also be combined with a trip to Zanzibar island and this can be done by a flight from the various airstrips of Serengeti national park to the island where you can engage in different activities.

A variety of wildlife species can be seen during a safari in Serengeti national park and they include the big 5 such as elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalos as well as wildebeests, zebras, antelopes, impalas, gazelles, kudu, waterbucks, hippos, giraffes, cheetahs among others.

Different parts of Serengeti national park can be visited during a wildlife safari and they include the northern Serengeti which is remote, central Serengeti where the Seronera area is found, the western Serengeti and also the southern Serengeti.

In the central part of Serengeti national park, you can get a flight to Zanzibar from the Seronera airstrip after your wildlife viewing activities around the Seronera area such as game drives which are carried out in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Serengeti safari and Zanzibar holidays
Game Drives in Serengeti

The airstrip in the northern part of Serengeti national park where flights to Zanzibar can be got during a safari include Kogatende airstrip. The northern part of Serengeti national park is known for being remote and doesn’t have as many tourists during safaris compared to the central part of the national park.

The western part of Serengeti national park is also a good location for wildlife safaris and involves exploring the wilderness in search of various wildlife species. This part of Serengeti is known for the river crossings during the wildebeest migrations along the Grumeti river. The western part of Serengeti is made up of woodlands, riverine forest and also savannah plains where different wildlife species can be spotted while on a safari.

The southern part of Serengeti on the other hand is known for the calving season when wildebeest calves can be seen as the wildebeests give birth to over 8,000 calves daily in the short grass plains. This part of Serengeti national park is also close to the Ngorongoro conservation area. Apart from the wildebeest migration, there are also resident wildlife species in the southern plains of Serengeti national park such as cheetahs, lions, leopards among others. It is best visited from December to March.

The least number of days recommended for a wildlife safari around Serengeti would be a 3 days safari which includes the first day for driving to the park, then on the second day exploring the park for a full day and on the last day driving out of the park. This is because of the long drive to Serengeti.

Park entrance fees is among the requirements for a safari to Serengeti national park and this fee is 82.6 USD for non-residents in the peak season and 71 USD during the low season. Tanzania residents are charged 11,800 USD for adults and nonresident children are charged 23.6 USD.

After an exciting wildlife safari around Serengeti, you get to fly to the island of Zanzibar for a relaxing holiday along the white sand beaches and enjoy seeing the Indian Ocean. The flight can take about 2 hours.

Some of the activities you can engage in while on a holiday on Zanzibar island include snorkeling, swimming, dolphin tours, spice tours, stone town tours, scuba diving, kite surfing, boat rides on traditional dhows on the Indian ocean, nature walks in Jozani forest, beach walks close to the water of the Indian ocean, visiting the prison island, relaxing at the beach, sunbathing, cultural tours and many other activities.

Zanzibar island is part of the islands found along the East African coast with two main islands Unguja and Pemba. The island is also known for its cultural mix which can be experienced during a tour around the island which was influenced by different cultures including the Arabs, Portuguese among others while on Serengeti safari and Zanzibar holidays.

Serengeti safari and Zanzibar holidays
Zanzibar Island

A big part of the population on the island is Muslim and there are also Christians on the island. The rich history of Zanzibar island can also be experienced during a tour around the towns like Stone town which has many historical buildings like the house of wonders, the sultan palace, the former slave market among other places during a tour around the alleyways and other old buildings.

The rare red colobus monkeys can also be seen during a tour on Zanzibar island in the Jozani forest. Zanzibar island is also home to the giant Aldabra tortoises which can be seen on the prison island.

Visit Tanzania and enjoy a wildlife safari in Serengeti national park and also a holiday to Zanzibar island.

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