Serengeti national park Tanzania safari

Serengeti national park Tanzania safari

Serengeti national park Tanzania safari : Serengeti national park which is found in the northern part of Tanzania is also a famous park in Africa and in the world.

This national park is the oldest in Tanzania and Serengeti national park is made up of vast savannah plains which are filled with a variety of wildlife species that can be sighted during a Tanzania safari at the destination.

During a safari in Tanzania around Serengeti national park, you enjoy an experience in the endless plains as the national park offers amazing wildlife viewing throughout the year especially around June to October.

The wildebeest migration is a major attraction for tourists who want to visit Serengeti national park and other sought after attractions include the big 5, predators like lions, leopards, cheetahs and generally the wildlife of Serengeti park.

Because of the big size of Serengeti national park a minimum of 3 days is recommended as you will get time to explore the park at different times of day and look out for the wildlife species like elephants, lions, buffalos, giraffes, hippos, antelopes, gazelles among others.

Cost of a Serengeti safari

The cost for a safari in Serengeti national park depends on various factors such as the time of the safari, the number of people on the safari, the type of safari, the form of accommodation, transport used during the safari, activities done during the safari.

A safari around Serengeti national park can cost about 200 USD per person per day. For those who are on a budget during their safaris, joining a group for the safari is recommended as this reduces the costs for the safari.

Private safaris are also an option for a tour to Serengeti national park and this favors tourists who prefer to explore the wild on their own and in the company of a guide. The price of a private safari is high compared to group safaris.

Another category of tourists who visit Serengeti national park are those who prefer to engage in self-drive around the park. They come with their own vehicles and hire a guide to accompany them during their safari.

Budgeting for your Serengeti safari is also important and choosing a package that suits your budget is also recommended as you are able to enjoy your safari and still remain in your budget for the safari.

Serengeti national park Tanzania safari
Wildebeest Migration Safari

Camping is also another option for a safari around Serengeti which brings you closer to the surroundings in the national park and there are public and private campsites which offer camping grounds for those who love the outdoors. These campsites include the Seronera campsite in the central, lobo campsite in the north among others.

Where to go around Serengeti national park

The different parts of Serengeti national park which are visited during safaris include the northern Serengeti, southern Serengeti, the central Serengeti and also the western plains of Serengeti.

The central part of Serengeti national park is popular among tourists and is crowded during the months of June to October which is the dry season. This part of the national park is also referred to as Seronera area.

Safari activities done in Serengeti national park include hot air balloon safaris which are done in the north, central and southern parts of the park, game drives which are carried out during different times of day, walking safaris and also bird watching excursions.

Game drives early in the morning are enjoyable as the predators can be seen returning from their hunt and wildlife species such as elephants, antelopes, impalas, waterbucks, gazelles, hartebeests among others are generally active. For the rest of the day you can also enjoy driving around the national park with exception of night game drives which are not allowed in Serengeti national park but can be done in the neighboring reserves.

The months of June to October are recommended for Serengeti safaris and from April and May there is rainfall received in Serengeti national park but this however does not mean you will not be able to see wildlife species as the national park can be visited at an time of the year and you will get an amazing game viewing experience in the vast savannah plains.

The lodges also offer a favorable price during the low season around April and May and Serengeti safaris are more affordable at this time of the year. The time to visit Serengeti national park may also be influenced by the location of the wildebeest migration.

Most tourists who are interested in seeing the wildebeest herds prefer to visit Serengeti national park and stay in lodges close to where they can see the wildebeest migration. This migration occurs annually and can be seen around the different parts of Serengeti during the year as follows;

December to March is the calving season when the wildebeests give birth to their young ones. The Ndutu area is good for seeing this calving taking place and also a chance to see predators hunting for the wildebeests since they hide close to the herds waiting for their chance to get their prey. Over 8000 calves are born daily during the calving season and this is an exciting event during the wildebeest migration.

Serengeti national park Tanzania safari
Game Viewing in Serengeti National Park

Around November and late December, the wildebeest herds can be seen in the southern plains of Serengeti national park before they continue their movement northwards.

April and May during the wildebeest migration is a good time to visit the central Serengeti around Seronera where over 2 million wildebeest can be seen in the savannah plains as well as other resident wildlife species like zebras, gazelles, lions, leopards, giraffes, topi, buffalos, jackals among others.

June to August is when the wildebeests move to the western side of the national park around Grumeti area which is a point for the river crossings. The wildebeests continue northwards towards around July to the northern part of Serengeti national park. Another river crossing takes place on the Mara river to the Masai Mara national reserve in Kenya.

Visit Serengeti national park in Tanzania and enjoy a Tanzania wildlife safari in the endless plains.

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