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Serengeti national park Travel Guide

Serengeti national park Travel Guide : Serengeti is one of the world’s most well-liked safari locations. It is the oldest and largest of the parks, with a total area of about 14,750 square kilometers. The scenery of Serengeti consists of savannah plains, acacia trees, and rock outcrops. To help you plan your safari to visit Serengeti National Park, see the following Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) about Serengeti.

 Which animals will I see in Serengeti national park?

The Serengeti national park is highly packed with many different wild animals, it’s not possible to visit this national park and leave without seeing any wild animals. The animals moves freely and they roam around so there is no specific area to locate them. there are  very high chances of seeing the big cats( lions, leopard and the cheetah) as well as the big five( elephants, buffalos, rhinos, lion and the leopards). The other animals to be seen includes the giraffes, gazelles, hyenas, zebras, antelopes and many more.

 How many animal species are found in Serengeti national park?

The Serengeti national park is highly blessed with more than 300 mammals. There is a wide variety of landscape as well as the vegetation cover that can accommodate a vast variety of animal’s species. There is the poor soil in the northern part of the national park while there is rich one at the southern part which supports a myriad of variety of habitats and vegetation cover.

 How many bird species are found in Serengeti national park?

It’s not just the animal’s kingdom, it’s also the paradise for the birds, and there are about 540 different bird species that are recorded in this national park.  it’s the home of both the native birds as well as the migratory birds, the common birds to be spotted includes the ostrich, rollers and the eagles, grey crested helmet shrike, and schallows’ turaco.

 What types of accommodations are available in Serengeti national park?

 There is variety of choices of accommodation in Serengeti national park. The accommodation varies and there are many options such as the camps and lodges, permanent semi- tented bush camps to ultra-luxurious design properties to mobile tented camps. The choice of the accommodation depends on the choice of the visitor and they are budget.

 When is the best time to see the great migration in Serengeti national park?

The busiest time of this national park is from July through October. The best time for viewing the great migration is normally these times of the year where the animals cross the River Mara in search of greener grasses. It’s at this time of the year where the large herds of animals moves towards the northern part of this national park towards the Maasai Mara of Kenya for greener pastures.

Serengeti national park Travel Guide
Serengeti national park Travel Guide

 What is the best time to see the Serengeti animal migration?

The best time to see the migration in Tanzania is often January-March and June-August. In Kenya, it is often best September-October and December- January. These are also the most popular times to go, so you will need to book well in advance. You will see an abundance of wildlife all year round.

Can one do a safari trip in Serengeti on own?

 Driving a vehicle into the Serengeti by self is protected, vast land. Many tour companies would be happy to oblige you if you’d prefer a solo safari, which is you and your driver in a cool jeep. In that sense, you can do a safari in the Serengeti on your own.

Why is the Maasai Mara of Kenya so much cheaper than the Serengeti of Tanzania?

Comparing the area of Serengeti National park is four times (x4) that of Maasai Mara. So Maasai Mara can be covered in lesser time. The endangered black rhinos are more in Serengeti National Park. You’re likely to see the Big 5(the Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard, and Buffalo) on a good guide and well-exploration. And the Hot air balloon is a must-try to witness one of the best sunrises in Serengeti.

What is the weather condition of the Serengeti national park?

 The Serengeti national park experiences the cool and dry season from the month of May to August while in the month of September and October there is the warmer and dry season.  The month from November to April is normally wet and hot season. The Serengeti national park has the vast ecosystem and many differences in terms of weather and climatic condition.

Is it true that Serengeti National Park is considered as the most beautiful National Park in the world?

Yes, it is very true that Serengeti National Park is not only among the largest National Parks in Africa, but also among the most beautiful National Parks in Africa and the whole world at large. This is as per the list of the most beautiful National Parks which is usually prepared with most of the details, as DW is also among the reputable sites which also recommended Serengeti National Park as among the most beautiful and attractive.

Why Serengeti National Park is considered the most beautiful national park in the world?

Serengeti is the most beautiful of many other national parks in the world, and to give anyone the title of most beautiful is entirely subjective. Serengeti is the most Beautiful due to the presence of eye-catching animals such as a Lion, elephant, giraffe, cheetah, ostrich, hippopotamus, jaguar, rhino, monkeys, and more. It is the animals that contend Serengeti for the title of Most Beautiful.

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