Reasons why Serengeti national is the top tourist attraction in Africa

Reasons why Serengeti national is the top tourist attraction in Africa : The beauty and the different wonders of the Serengeti national park makes it top tourist attraction in Africa. This kingdom of animals is highly blessed with different wild animals, the diverse vegetation that inhabits many different species of plants as well as the wild animals. The Serengeti national park is located in the northern-west part of Tanzania and covers up the total area of 15,000 square kilometers the name Serengeti means the endless plains in Maasai language as one of the world’s most celebrated wilderness. As the world’s heritage site with over 2 million ungulates, thousands of lions, leopards, cheetahs, and over 500 different species of birds.

This kingdom is controlled by the lions; it’s the only national park in Tanzania and in the world with the huge concentration of lions about 2500 lions. Serengeti is the home of the big five as well as the great migration of the wildebeest is only experienced here.

Over 150,000-200,000 people visit the Serengeti national park annually to explore the beauty and to see the rich wildlife that is found in this national park. It’s one of the popular tourism destinations in the world where you enjoy the true nature and the wilderness of this national park. The following are the reasons why Serengeti national park is the top tourists’ attraction in Africa.

The great animals migration; it’s also known as the world’s great animals migration that takes place in this national park and it’s also among the world great wonders. The wildebeest migration normally begins in the southern part of the Serengeti national park and some of the animals also move from the Ngorongoro national park.

Reasons why Serengeti national is the top tourist attraction in Africa
wildebeest migration

During the wet season between January and March that where the calves are born, about a million calves of the wildebeest are being born in this season and it’s normally on the southern part of Serengeti national park. The energy and the action during this season are normally spectacular because of the new life that is brought about. During this season most of the predators are found also in the southern part of Serengeti, they can to look for their prey and in that season it’s normally the calves. Watching the calves that cannot run probably being hunt is scary to some people and might make you feel petty for them. The dry season makes the plains dry and the wildebeest are forced to move out because the green and nutritious grasses are not enough for them hence they have to move towards the northern side when the dry season begins. The dry season begins from July all the way towards November where there is short rain season. The northern part has the highest rainfall, but the grasses are less nutritious as the once found on the southern part. Due to the great animals migration, the Serengeti national park becomes the top tourist attraction that is found in Africa, Reasons why Serengeti national is the top tourist attraction in Africa.

The home of the big five; the Serengeti national park is the home of the big five, and they can all be found in just a matter of few hours while in this national park. The Seronera valley that is found in this national park is where the big five can be found here. This national park is highly blessed with large populations of the lions, lion are found in abundance here at the park, the elephants, leopards, rhino and the buffalos. There are so many predators apart from just the big 5 to mention a few it includes the hyenas, cheetah, African wild dogs, jackals etc. the landscape of the park is so open that offers the most beautiful and eye catching view of different predators species, Reasons why Serengeti national is the top tourist attraction in Africa.

The birds paradise for the bird lovers; the Serengeti national park is not just rich of the wild animals, it’s also highly favored with different bird species which includes the migratory birds, the tropical birds as well as the forest birds. It’s the perfect place for the bird lovers to come and see different bird species that will not disappoint you at all because of their beautiful singing an how colorful they look, learn about different birds behaviors and their habitats as well as the feeding methods. The breeding season of the birds is normally on the rain seasons, many migratory birds move up to the Serengeti national park for the purpose of breeding. The park is blessed to have over 500 different bird species. This is the heavy rain season such that it can rain the whole day none stop hence the grasses turn green and this season is famously known as the green season.

The hot air balloons safari in Serengeti national park; the most amazing sceneries of this national park can be accessed through the hot air balloon safari. The hot air balloon safari at the Serengeti national park is the most adventurous activity that normally takes place throughout the year but more enjoyable during the dry season. The hot air balloons gives you the bird view of the Serengeti national park and brings you even more closely to the wildlife as they come as lower at the tree level. The best scenery is watching the great migration from the top as the millions of wildebeest move from either Serengeti to Maasai Mara or from Maasai Mara to Serengeti. The best time of the day for this safari is normally in the evening where you can enjoy the view of this endless plain on the sunset. The most spectacular photos of this national park and that of the great animals’ migration can be taken while on the hot air balloon. This unique safari and breath taking moments makes this national park among the top national parks in the world.

Reasons why Serengeti national is the top tourist attraction in Africa
Hot Air Balloon Safari

The game drives in Serengeti national park; it can take up to one week to go on the game drive and explore the whole of this national park. Explore the national park; enjoy the beautiful sceneries, the wild animals and the enjoying sighting different bird species while on the drive. Enjoy the great migration though the game drive and you can time the great migration as well as hunting the big five while on the game drive.

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