Packing list for Tanzania safari

Packing list for Tanzania safari

Packing list for Tanzania safari : Tanzania is a safari destination which is found in the eastern part of Africa. When traveling to Tanzania for a safari, there are different things to bring along for the safari and this process is tedious for some travelers.

Depending on the season of the Tanzania safari, what to pack for the safari also varies. The information about what to bring with you for the safari or what to wear during the safari can be provided by the tour operator organizing the safari or via different online platforms which have information on the safaris and the packing lists.

Tanzania experiences the rainy season around April and May and also in November and December as well as the dry season from June to October. During a safari around the parks in the northern part of Tanzania such as Tarangire national park, Serengeti national park, Lake Manyara national park, and Arusha national park and also the Ngorongoro conservation area, the mornings tend to be cold as a result of the high altitude.

The dry season is considered the best time for wildlife viewing around different safari destinations of Tanzania and it is also a good time to engage in various activities around the country. Many tourists also visit Tanzania during the months of June to October which is a high season.

During a safari to Tanzania in the dry season, some of the items to pack include long sleeved shirts and trousers which help to protect you from mosquitoes and the sun, t-shirts, shorts, warm sweater, socks, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellant, wipes, electronics like cameras and extra batteries, flashlight, binoculars, a day bag among others. It is also recommended to wear neutral colors during the safari.

In terms of health during your safari to Tanzania, you can bring along with you items such as painkillers, antibiotics, hand sanitizer, allergy medicine and another item to bring along is a first aid kit. The guides and other staff at lodges are also trained in giving first aid and some lodges also have personnel in charge of medical emergencies during safaris.

A UK plug type of adapter is recommended among the items to carry for  Tanzania safaris. You can also carry a portable power bank to charge your electronics during your safari. For entertainment purposes during the trip, you can carry headphones to listen to music.

Packing list for Tanzania safari
Packing list for Tanzania safari

Decent dressing is also highly emphasized when traveling to Tanzania especially among female travelers. Also remember to have space for personal items and toiletries such as deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste among others when packing for the safari.

When traveling to Tanzania during the wet season, some of the items to pack include rain jackets, scarfs as well as warm clothing. You can also pack a rain cover which can protect your day bag from dust and rain as well.

For travelers engaging in hiking during their safaris to Tanzania to destinations like Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Ol donyo lengai among others, comfortable hiking shoes are recommended. Other necessary equipment for these hikes can be provided for the hikers and there are also different stores which sell equipment used during hikes.

Another location which is visited during tours in Tanzania is Zanzibar island and the many beaches found along the Indian ocean. A number of activities are carried out on the island and some of the items to pack during these beach tours include swim wear, flip flops, sunhats, beach towels, sunscreen among other items. Most of the activities carried out during a trip to Zanzibar are water based therefore remember to pack the right clothing for spending time above  the waters of the ocean or under it.

It is also important to bring along your documents like a valid passport, yellow fever vaccination certificate and a visa. These documents are among the entry requirements for Tanzania and without them a traveler maybe denied entry into the country.

Another item to add on your packing list is dollar bills which you can use for transactions while in Tanzania. You can also change some of the dollars to local currency or smaller bills which can be used for tips and gratuities during your safari in Tanzania. Tipping during a safari in Tanzania can range from about 10 USD per day or more depending on the services offered to you during a safari.

The tips given improve lives of many of the locals and also in a way encourage good quality service provision during safaris. Tips can be given to individuals or to a group as a sign of appreciation for their services. For those who prefer credit cards, you can also travel to Tanzania with them although these cards are used at some locations and not every place in Tanzania makes transactions by credit card.

For those who will be flying around the safari destinations of Tanzania, packing light is key since the airlines have weight limits on the luggage carried by the passengers. In case you forget something when packing for the safari, there are different stores around the towns where items can be purchased for the safaris. Different airlines offer flights around Tanzania and the limit for luggage also varies from one airline to another. It is important to find out the luggage limit when booking these flights as this helps in proper planning when packing for the safari.

When packing it is also important to create some space for all the souvenirs from your trip to Tanzania and it would be rather unfortunate to pack everything for your trip and have no space for something that will remind you of your trip to Tanzania.

Before traveling to Tanzania, ensure that you have everything you will need for your safari and all the essentials are packed and you are set for your experience in the wilderness of the safari parks across the country.

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