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Ngorongoro hot air balloon safari

Ngorongoro hot air balloon safari : It’s a one-hour long flight with an exceptional experience and a lot of memories while in Ngorongoro crater, the beautiful scenery and the fresh air of the early morning while watching the sunrise is all you need when you’re on a vacation.  The hot air balloon safari in Ngorongoro offers the breath-taking views of the wild animals, the thrilling scenery of the landscapes and the features that makes the mighty Ngorongoro crater. The hot air balloon safari offers a unique experience unlike most of the Tanzania safari games as this offers a chance for you to view the animals from above and even on a closer pace.

A perfect for the hot air balloon safari is early in the morning, before you know it you will floating in the early morning breeze with spectaculars. Its best to have a light sweater or jacket because of the early morning cool and your camera. The basket varies in size there are large that can accommodate up to 16 people while the smaller once can carry 4-8 people. A private hot air balloons safari can be arranged too, the maximum weight that the basket can take is 120 kilograms.

The flight normally begins at Olduvai Gorge and head towards the western side towards the Ndutu plains which offers the perfect sight of millions of wildebeest which can be seen in abundance in the month of December to April which is normally their calving period and Ndutu plain is their calving area.  Explore the land of Ngorongoro with your eagle eyes, enjoy the beauty of different flora and fauna as well as the amazing landscape. Ngorongoro is the sanctuary of different wild animals such as lions, zebras, buffalos, wildebeests, hyenas, elephants, leopards, rhinos and many more to mention a few of them.  Have a glance of the different bird species that are found in the Ngorongoro crater as it’s the home of more than 300 different bird species that are found here, which makes it a perfect place for different bird watching activities.

 Upon landing you will find the hot breakfast prepared for you with the sparkling wine, the cost of the breakfast is also included in the total safari cost.  Have a great breakfast with the amazing view in the bushes.

Ngorongoro hot air balloon safari
Ngorongoro hot air balloon safari

Children below the age of 7 are not allowed to go for the hot air balloon safari and the children above the age of 7 are considered as the adults.

 How much does it cost for the hot air balloon safari in Ngorongoro crater? its expensive and yet worthy it, it costs up to USD 450 -500 USD per person.  The balloon safari is normally expensive because the hot air balloon is expensive, purchasing one can costs about $ 100,000 and its replaced after the total of 1,000 hours of operation.  The other things that makes it expensive is the cost of the licensed pilot, pick up and drop off points that have requires tax to be paid.

Are hot air balloons of Ngorongoro safe? They are definitely safe, before the take off the pilot will give briefing and give the safe procedures that are important for everyone to follow for they are safety as well as the safety of the other passengers.  Each time the craft operates for 850 hours is replaced for safety reasons.

When is the best time for the hot air balloon safari in Ngorongoro crater (or in Tanzania)? The perfect time for the hot air balloon safari in Ngorongoro is during the month of December to April as it’s the calving season for the wildebeest and at this time the animals migrates from Ngorongoro to Serengeti is the perfect time to witness the great animal migration from above.

What is special/unique about Ngorongoro Crater?

There are several uniqueness of Ngorongoro crater, but the most significant feature which make Ngorongoro Crater outnumber most of the remaining tourist attractions is the fact that there is no any intact Caldera in the whole world which is as large as Ngorongoro Crater. This is to say that Ngorongoro Crater is the largest intact Caldera across the whole world. Other uniqueness includes its soda lake at its center, having unique species like the endangered rhino species, wild hunting dogs and the golden cats (which are found only in the crater and not elsewhere), having a high density of big game with a variety of wildlife species, and of course having more than five hundred species of birds including the eye-catching scene of the beautiful flamingo at Ngorongoro crater.

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