Mahale National Park Accommodation

Mahale National Park accommodation Tanzania do contribute greatly to the comfort and success of any one traveller on a Tanzania safari in Mahale National Park. Mahale National Park is a remote and literally hard to reach national park of Tanzania, offering visitors an uncrowded safari experience in the jungles of the park, just at the shores of Lake Tanganyika; one of the most beautiful sights that travellers shall be rewarded with depending on where they are staying for a Mahale National Park safari, any time of the year.

Mahale National Park is one of the few places in the world to inhabit the eastern chimpanzees, in their natural habitat. It is for this very reason that more and more travellers do appreciate and visit Mahale National Park for amazing and unforgettable chimpanzee tracking safaris. It is the chimpanzees, which are about 800 in population and only about 60 fully habituated that travellers do visit the park, getting up close with the chimpanzees in a chimpanzee tracking adventure in Mahale National Park.

The various accommodation in Mahale National Park is offered I well and equipped comfortable tented camps and lodges in and around the park, especially on the shores of Lake Tanganyika thus rewarding travellers with one of the most amazing views and stays. The views are beautiful, the park breathtakingly beautiful and with plenty of activities to keep you occupied most of the time, Mahale National Park is definitely a must visit to travellers after a bit of exclusivity.

The Mahale National Park accommodation do come in three different safari tiers, and yet in each tier looking to give travellers with the common and combined standards of ease of access, privacy and exclusivity, comfort, safety, amazing diverse cuisines and great customer service. Amenities, uniqueness, décor are some of the other things easily noticed in the various Mahale National Park accommodation tiers or categories.

The various accommodation in Mahale National Park do cater for different categories of travellers, including super luxury or luxury clients, mid-range travellers as well as budget travellers. These accommodation in Mahale National Park do vary in category, and therefore do vary in levels of service, comfort and almost everything else. Depending on what you are after for your Tanzania safari in Mahale National Park however, you shall get in, simply reach out to the various tour companies organising Tanzania safaris and be sure to get a good Tanzania safari price as per your budget.

Safari tier 1 or luxury accommodation offers world-class attributes. Rustic, large suites or boutique chalets, world class service, distinctive ambience, cosiness and culinary diversity, coupled with a great Tanzania safari experience in Mahale National Park is what you are sure to encounter. Equivalent to luxury accommodation in Mahale National Park is the kind of transport, guiding standards and a range of activities which are unique and are of superlative quality is what most travellers do get. Luxury accommodation in Mahale National Park that travellers can stay in include Greystoke Mahale whose reputation is of unbeatable standards of staff training, ecological soundness, and isolation in a beautiful setting. Travellers can also stay at the luxury Lupita Island Resort and Spa, a great Mahale National Park accommodation option to choose for your chimpanzee tracking safari, and a home away from home experience to behold.

Mahale National Park Accommodation
Greystoke Mahale

Safari tier 2 or mid-range options of accommodation in Mahale National Park offers travellers deluxe levels of hospitality, a bit smaller rooms slightly less exclusivity as compared to luxury Mahale National Park accommodation options available. Notwithstanding the drop in some things, mid-range Mahale National Park accommodation do offer quality standard comfortable accommodation and great service, cleanliness and an array of cuisines that travellers can have while staying at the lodge. Mbali Mbali Mahale Lodge formerly known as Nkungwe Luxury Tented Camp is one of the best mid-range almost luxury Mahale National Park accommodation that travellers can choose to stay in while on their Tanzania safari in Mahale National Park.

Mahale National Park Accommodation
Mbali Mbali Mahale Lodge

Safari tier 3 or budget Mahale National Park accommodation is basically for backpackers on adventure. Most budget accommodation in Mahale National Park offer basic comfort and with few amenities therein to cater for the guests, all in the interest of being careful on their budget safari in Mahale National Park. For travellers looking to have budget safaris in Tanzania in Mahale National Park specifically, the Mahale Mango Tree Bandas operated by TANAPA are rudimentary quarters and budget hostel-like lodging options to make use of.

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