Isimila stone age site and natural pillars in Iringa

Isimila stone age site and natural pillars in Iringa : The Isimila historical site at Iringa is likely known as the home of the early man between 60,000 and 100,000 years ago because of the tools that were mostly used by the early man in their different activities are found here. The isimila historical sites are the hidden gems that found on the southern Tanzania in the city of Iringa which is 8 hours away from Dar es Salaam. The Isimila sites are found within the erosion gulley on the Iringa plateau which is identified as the site of international importance for knowing the behavioral complexity of our past ancestors.  Pass by this special historical site and enjoy the beautiful landscapes with the magnificent sceneries that you will fall in love with from just the first sight of them.

Iringa town is highly famous because of the historical battle of the Hehe tribe with their chief named Mkwawa who fought with German hard during the colonial eras. This city is also famous because different tourist attractions such as the national park that are found on the southern circuits which involves the Ruaha national park and the Selous game reserve. Most people formed the most spectacular tall standing pillars that are very unique that you will not see them in any part of the world apart from those in the US which are smaller in size compared to the once in Iringa.

This site has been recognized as the site of international importance for understanding of the behavior complexity of our hominin ancestor. This site was discovered first in the year 1951, it’s the site of dry bed of former shallow lake, amid a landscape of small canyons and eroded sandstone pillars, which is one of the handful of site to illuminate the ecology of the later tools that were discovered between 700,000 and 20,000 years. The tools are well characterized in such a way that one can see the oldest pieces to the most recent tools as they appear. The evolution of this stored tools is well composed such that it can be noticed as the development of man was first noticed. From the most primitive tool that is used to the most advanced tools found here. All this is the reflection of the development of the earl man as they tools reflects their ways of life.

Isimila stone age site
Isimila stone age site

Take a walk through the canyons.

 A tour through this pillars normally begins at the small museum where you will be well equipped with the knowledge of how this sites where formed as well as the tools and fossils that are well displayed. Then moving deeper down the steep footpath and taking a walk towards the beds where most of the tools are found, learn on how different rock formed. The view is beautiful, as the earth has a warm reddish tint and there is the spot where birds can be easily viewed. The Tanzania Safari tour towards the canyons is normally up to 3 hours and it’s advised to visit here in the morning as it gets terribly hot during the day and it might not be comfortable again. The canyons has the beautiful standing tall sand pillars which are about 30 meters high gives the amazing sceneries, as it is the main area for the pillars which it is believed that it was once a lake some million years back.

It is believed that around the 300-400 BC, the pillars started to appears or being formed and since then they have been washed away, looking at the pillars today you can imagine how the land was I the first place as it was eroded from the lake to form this large beautiful canyons . The rocks that are harder did not erode completely hence they have remained and leaving behind the rock towers that stand majestically and they are about 30 meters high thus Isimila stone age site and natural pillars in Iringa.

This tour is memorable, exploring the landscapes and walking through the pillars, all the way towards the river bed while you’re being surrounded by the sandstones. Beautiful photos of the landscapes and sandstones can be gained here. The beautiful views and the spot of birds chirping is the experience that you must see for yourself, when in Tanzania visit this place because the amazing sandstone pillars view will not disappoint you.

Collection of Stone Age tools.

The Isimila historical sites has a very unique artefact made up of both primary and secondary context consisting of thousands of hand axes. Archeologists have found different tools, stone artifacts and bones that they are believed to be from the early hominoids that occupied this area before. All these remains of materials gives the glimpse on the lives and different activities that were performed by the early human and animal civilization, and has an impressive granite rock relievers.

The tools are well sharpened for the activity that the early people where performing. The evolution of human being according to the scientist discovery shows that a modern man that we see has passed through different stages until they reaches the todays man. The evolutions stages starts with primates who were the earl man believed to have existed between 55 million years ago. There are different tools that are found here that existed between that eras.  Tools such as the hammer stones, axe heads, flints and scrapers are estimated to have existed between 60,000 and 100,000 years and they are all well displayed in the small museum that is found in this historical site. Other traces of tools that are found here includes the axe to split woods, knifes to cut meat, the tailor skin that they used for sleeping, spears that they used for hunting as it is believed they are main activity was hunting on the lake that existed in this place. They also used the spears and slings for self-protection against the wild animals that might attack them anytime.

Isimila stone age site
Isimila stone age site

Fossils found in Isimila historical site.

There are different fossils that are found here over 100 years old. Axes, scrapers and flints which are well displayed in the small museum that is found here. There are also many fossilized bones are found here, they includes the human fossils, animals and the different tools fossils.  The fossils of mammals includes the bones that are related to giraffes, except that they have a shorter neck. The fossils of hippos, elephants, variety of extinct pigs.

Visit the national park at the southern circuit after visiting these historical sites.

A Tanzania tour towards this historical site is normally 3-4 hours of maximum, they seems few but you will really love this place. Take a trip towards the Ruaha national park that is also located in the southern part of Tanzania. This national park is highly famous as it is the perfect destination for animals viewing. This national park normally has a less number of visitors compared to the northern circuits hence it’s the perfect destination as it is less crowded. Enjoy the sight of different wild animals that are found here are like elephants, lions, lesser kudu, impala cheetah, bushbucks, and the antelopes.

The best moment to visit the isimila historical tour.

All around the year the Isimila historically site can be visited, there is no perfect time. If you’re thinking of visit the national park that are found around this season then the perfect time will be in the dry season.  For the bird lovers the perfect time to view birds that are found in the national park that are found around here then the wet season is the perfect timing. The time to visit this sites depends on the preference of the tourist and the time they want because this place can be visited all over the year there is no specific time for it.

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