How Far Is It from Arusha to The Serengeti National Park?

How far is it from Arusha to the Serengeti National Park? The distance from Arusha to Serengeti National Park: Many tourists from around the world travel to the Serengeti National Park in Africa to view wildlife, including the African Big Five and the Great Wildebeest Migration, through game drives, walking safaris, horseback safaris, and hot air balloon safaris. Knowing the distance from one point, Arusha, to the other, Serengeti, is crucial so that you can have a well-planned safari itinerary.

The Serengeti national park safari and many visitors who want to visit and explore the Serengeti national park always start their safari from Arusha city after arriving at Kilimanjaro international airport, which is close to Arusha. Due to this, some travelers frequently inquire about the distance between Arusha and Serengeti National Park as well as whether it is possible to travel between the two. If you choose to travel in the manner that you did when you visited Tanzania, this might be rather close.

 Keep in mind that the Kilimanjaro International Airport is situated between Arusha and Kilimanjaro. The airport manages international and domestic flights from several nations. Once the visitor has arrived, they are met by different tour operators and driven to their specific lodgings, particularly if they have been reserved. The Airport Planet Lodge is one of the lodges used by travelers who fly into the Kilimanjaro airport, but you are free to stay at any lodge of your choice as long as it is convenient for you to participate in safari activities.

It might not be possible for you to drive and continue to your destination after a late-night trip, so you should instead check into a lodge nearby or drive and stay at one of the hotels in Arusha. To reach Arusha town, travelers must drive for around two hours from Kilimanjaro International Airport. If you arrive late, you might stay in one of the following hotels:

 The IIboru hotel, the River Trees Inn hotel, the Arusha coffee lodge, and the Mount Meru game lodge are a few examples. All of these lodges provide guests with first-rate safari services and experiences that you shouldn’t pass up if you wish to spend the night in Arusha town.

You will be picked up and driven to your lodge if your flight lands at Kilimanjaro International Airport, where you can eat breakfast and receive adequate relaxation. Depending on your schedule, you may choose to visit Arusha National Park in the afternoon. If time permits, you may also choose to trek up to the foot or base of the nearby mountain, Meru. As they explore one of Tanzania’s top cultural heritage sites before returning to their reserved lodge, where they will be able to spend the night, visitors are also suggested to take the Arusha city excursions.

If your flight had arrived earlier at Kilimanjaro International Airport, you could visit Lake Manyara National Park that morning and take a morning game drive later that morning as part of your safari schedule. The tourist transportation system offers a variety of ways for people to get from Arusha to Serengeti National Park, including flying or taking a road trip. You will see many fascinating sights of the local Kenyan villages as well as vistas of the coffee, banana, and maize crops as you travel by road from Arusha to Serengeti National Park.

To continue your journey, turn north after driving till you reach Makuyuni. You can ascend to the summit during this portion of the drive to Serengeti National Park and take in the breathtaking views. You will be able to enjoy Lake Manyara’s sights in the distance. You may be able to stay in resorts near Lake Manyara, depending on your safari schedule. The Karatu tented lodge, Oremite Lodge, Rift Valley Lodge, and Serengeti Lodge are a few examples.

How Far Is It from Arusha to The Serengeti National Park?
Serengeti National Park

As you enter the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, you will continue your safari road trip drive as you pass through the breathtaking and spectacular views of the mountainous countryside area in the northwest. Here, too, you will take in the wonderful sights of numerous coffee and banana plantations. Nevertheless, as you approach the park’s entrance, you will begin to notice the boundless plains of the Serengeti National Park, and you will begin to spot some of the park’s creatures.

Depending on the area of the Serengeti and where one prefers to go on the game drive, as well as the areas where animals can unquestionably be seen, you may be required to use various conveniences within and around the recreation area, such as Serengeti Simba, Serengeti, SOPA Holds Up, Lahia Rose Hotel, Kati Rose Camp, or Kubu. For instance, if it occurs during a time of high tourism, the vast majority of travelers who wish to see the wildebeest will reserve lodging in the Serengeti’s center.

Keep in mind that you can participate in a variety of activities when visiting Serengeti National Park, such as game drives, which are held in various areas and sections of the park. The Seronera region in the center is regarded as the ideal area for game-drive safaris.

 Therefore, it is expected that traveling by road will take six (6) hours and cover 350 kilometers from Arusha to the Serengeti focal point. It takes roughly six hours to travel the 460 kilometers from Arusha to the western Serengeti. The travel times by road from Arusha to the Northern Serengeti (Lobo area) and from Arusha to the Northern Serengeti (Kogatende region) are around seven and eight hours, respectively.

As an alternative to using a vehicle to travel to Serengeti National Park, flying is also an option. From Arusha, travelers can take a flight to the Serengeti airstrip. When you wish to be close to the Serengeti National Park’s core, you can land at the Seronera airstrip. If visitors desire to get to the northern or western regions of the Serengeti National Park by air, they can fly to the airstrips at Lobo and Kogatende.

Flight Interlink, Auric Air, Regional Air, Air Excel, Precision Air, and Coastal Air all fly between Arusha and the Serengeti National Park. Depending on where a visitor wants to go, these flights can also travel to a variety of airstrips and air terminals, including Arusha air terminal, Kilimanjaro air terminal, Moshi airstrip, Dar es Salaam air terminal, Dolly airstrip, Mtemere airstrip, Stiegler’s airstrip, Ruaha airstrip, Siwandu airstrip, and Jongomero airstrip. As a result, it is extremely likely that you will leave Arusha and the Serengeti National Park as soon as possible. However, how you get there will depend on the mode of transportation. For the best safari experience in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, please get in touch with us Focus East Africa Tours.

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