How can I go to Tanzania on a budget

How can I go to Tanzania on a budget : Tanzania is a destination which has so much to offer and there are different ways to travel around the country on a budget.

Some of the ways to travel on a budget in Tanzania include the following;

Taking public transport such as bus

When traveling on a budget in Tanzania, there are many forms of public transport which you can use to move around the country such as dala dalas or minibuses, boda bodas and also taxis. All these forms of public transportation are favorable and they can be got from anywhere around Tanzania.

Taxis however are a little costly as compared to other forms of public transportation in Tanzania and they are very safe to use during tours around the country.

Staying in budget lodges or hotels in Tanzania

There are different form as of accommodation to stay in during tours or safaris in Tanzania such as luxury accommodations, midrange accommodations and also budget accommodations.

Another way to travel on a budget in Tanzania is by staying in budget hotels or lodges during safaris. These budget accommodations are found outside the parks and in towns around Tanzania and they also provide comfortable places to stay.

Choosing budget safaris

You can also take part in budget safaris during a safari or tour in Tanzania and this can be through choosing safaris within your budget for Tanzania.

How can I go to Tanzania on a budget
Tanzania Safaris


Taking shorter safaris to national parks or destinations around Tanzania is also another way to travel on a budget in Tanzania. These safaris can be as short as 3 days and within these days, you will be able to see the wildlife species in the national parks and also enjoy your safari on a budget.


Traveling to Tanzania on a budget can also be done by camping which is an exciting experience in Tanzania since you can be able to get a closer interaction with the natural surroundings in the destinations.

There are different campsites around Tanzania which are found inside the national parks and also around different locations in the country such as Simba campsite, Seronera campsite among others.

Eating from local restaurants

Tanzania has a number of cultures and due to the diversity in culture, there are a lot of local dishes and other international cuisines to try out during a tour. A way to reduce on costs of the safari is by eating from these local restaurants.

When in Zanzibar, you can also enjoy a taste of the local food prepared with spices grown on the island and also take part in a tour around the spice farms as you get to know how the different spices are grown on the island and their uses. You can also taste the local fruits and street food prepared in the markets around Tanzania.

During cultural tours in Tanzania, you can also take part in an experience of making the local food the traditional way and taste the food which you have prepared and this experience is really exciting and is an authentic way to experience the culinary treats of different people in Tanzania.

Joining a group

Group safaris can also be done during safaris in Tanzania and it is among the ways to travel on a budget in Tanzania.

These group safaris tend to be scheduled and also prices for the group safaris are indicated which makes it easier to choose a tour package which fits within ones budget for their  Tanzania safaris.

Different tour operators have packages for group safaris and the dates of these safaris are also set and they tend to be cheaper as compared to the private safaris and yet the experience is similar and as enjoyable without breaking the bank.

However it is important to also be cautious when choosing the group safaris and the tour operators to book with the group safari.

Traveling in the low season or wet season

There are different seasons to travel to Tanzania and for a budget traveller; the low season is a good time for a safari.

The low season is a time of the year when the prices for safaris are discounted making it affordable and a good time to engage in a budget safari in Tanzania. It is also the rainy season and there aren’t so many people on safari during this time of the year.

These safaris in the low season can be done during the months of March to April and also in November. The dry season is however considered the best time for safaris in Tanzania and it is during the months of June to October when wildlife species can be seen around the water points.

How can I go to Tanzania on a budget
Game drive Safaris

Driving instead of flights around destinations in Tanzania

Another budget friendly way to travel around Tanzania is by driving to the destinations around Tanzania during the safari. Driving is less costly as compared to flights and you also enjoy amazing views of the country side during the drives.

You can choose to take part in a self-drive experience when visiting Tanzania or book a safari with a tour operator as you explore the destinations. With the help of a local guide you can explore the destinations around Tanzania such as Serengeti national park which is known for the wildebeest migration and amazing wildlife viewing and so many other national parks.

Backpacking around Tanzania

Tanzania is also a country which is safe for backpackers as they visit different places in the country and it is another way to travel on a budget during a safari in the country.

Cost of Tanzania safari

Some of the costs incurred during safaris in Tanzania include accommodation and meal costs, transport costs, park fees, guide fees, tips and gratuities among others.

The destinations which can be visited around Tanzania during tours include national parks which are found in the north, west, central and southern parts of the country, the coastal areas like Zanzibar island, lakes and rivers like Lake Victoria, mountains like Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain at 5895 meters) among other destinations.

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