Hot Air Balloon Safaris in serengeti

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Serengeti

Hot air Balloon safaris in Serengeti  is one of unforgettable magical experience one can have in the large open plains of Serengeti National Park. Floating on air early in the morning at dawn makes you feel chilly, the African sunrise experience and above all you will have an eagle eye at the open plains of Serengeti National park. You will be able to see animals from the top like hunting big cats, wildebeest migration, Elephants, Zebras, Topis and others.

The Balloon Safaris

The Hot Air Balloon safaris in Serengeti National Park starts very early in the morning with a pick up from your camp at around 5:00 am with light cup of tea. You will then be driven to the starting point where the pilot and other balloon crew will brief the guests. Before the hot air is released, all the guests are meant to be on the basket of the balloon, where they will sit and tightened their sit belts before the balloon sets off.

The sizes of the balloon differ and their capacity ranges from 8 to 16 people, driven by the power of wind while the Hot air from the gas cylinders help in control and directing the balloon, it also determines the height at which the balloon level will be. Starting slowly in slow motion as the balloon is attached to the standing Serengeti safari van on the side till it sets off peacefully the other crew members untie before its late for it to take off.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

After the flight has taken off you will then be floating in air and the crew guide will be explaining to you all the animals, shrubs and other visible nature during the flight. When an action is captured the Balloon can be held on stand still for you to fully observe the action taking place. The pilot can also get the right angel where everyone can fully observe the action at that same time.

The flight will last about 3 hours on air, depending on the factors or the weather of the day. After descending to land at its landing points where the balloon car crew will come and pick you up for the, have bush breakfast served, a toss with a glass of wine at the bush before we drive back to the Tourist information center where you will meet your driver guide to continue with other programs of the day.

Balloon Companies

There are two major Balloon companies that operate Hot Air Balloons in Serengeti, however other operators can help all their guests to book for them as all Hot Air Balloons in Serengeti are booked in advanced due to weather conditions and the fixed number of people the balloon carries.

The balloon companies are Balloon Safari Serengeti and Miracle Experience Ltd

Both Balloon Safari Serengeti and Miracle Experience fly balloon in three sections of Serengeti which of which the Seronera Area is as famous as the central part of Serengeti where most of the animals are found.

The wildebeest also do cross when they are heading to the Northern part of the Park while other animals like Lions, Leopards, Elephants, wildebeest, Zebras, Warthog and others.

The balloon safaris operate on different sections of Serengeti depending on the season at the park. This is located on the Southern part of Serengeti and the Northern part of Ngorongoro where the calving season takes place. This area is much busy especially from December to February.

On the Western or Northern Serengeti which is always launched from June to October for the wildebeest migration experience. This is one of the highlights of Serengeti national park that is enjoyed across the world referred as one of the wonders of the globe.

The Hot Air Balloon in Serengeti gives one the greatest highlight of Serengeti as below:

  1. See the great Sunrise of African Sun.

The Hot Air Balloon safaris in Serengeti starts at dawn around 5:30 am before the sunrise. The sunrises when you are now floating in the air, you observe and take as many pictures as possible as you see the most active part and time of the Serengeti national park

  1. Great view of the Serengeti wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park is one of the 7 wonders of the world on animal history. The migration attracts 1000s of tourists who come to witness the live migration of the wildebeest crossing the Mara River to the Maasai Mara side in Kenya. The activity starts in June or late May up to July and then start return back journey from late September to October when the animals cross back to Serengeti. The Hot Air Balloon in Serengeti gives you all the potential chances to witness all the live happenings during the wildebeest migration at and eagles’ eye angle.

  1. Enjoy the bush breakfast

Hot Air Balloon in Serengeti comes with package of well-prepared delicious hot breakfast at the bush, a toss with a glass of wine before taking group photos and then driven back to the tourist information center where you will meet your driver guide who possibly will take you back to lodge or camp.

  1. View the hippo pool

Have clear aerial view of the hippo pool, float on air as we come just a few meters high from the hippo pools. Serengeti has more hippo pools with clear visibility during dry season when the water level reduces and the hippos are fully seen at ease

Hot Air Balloon in Serengeti exposes you to the best experience of Serengeti with no restrictions on the off road drives, speed limits and many more non avoidable errors during game drives. All the balloon packages are booked in advance as there is limitation on the number of guests per day.

When to go for Hot air balloon in Serengeti

Serengeti national park weather gives great advantage to the guest who want to explore the park throughout the year. In fact, Hot air balloon in Serengeti is done year in and year out meaning throughout the year though the best months remains dry months from June to October.

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