Explore the Famous Predators of Ndutu Plains

Explore the Famous Predators of Ndutu Plains  : Ndutu plains are between the southern region of Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation area (NCA) of Tanzania. For many years, Ndutu has been the destination to explore a variety of predators. The plains of the Ndutu area are well known for holding large populations of famous predators of Africa. The concentration of these predators is due to available (prey) herds of wildebeest calving in Southern Serengeti around the Ndutu area. The wildebeests give birth to thousands of calves, and the predators kill some of these calves for food.

The reason behind making the wildebeests temporary habitats in the Ndutu area with the presence of predators is because the plains are rich in nutritious grass, fresh water, and the best conditions to raise their newborn calves. The famous predators of Ndutu include; Lions, Leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, Jackals, Wild cats, and Crocodiles. Let’s explore each of them.


Ndutu area is home to lions of all ages. There are even lions of about 16 years old, exceeding a lifespan of 10-15. The lions are usually spotted hunting in groups of about 40-45 members. Some of these lions climb trees to spend almost half the day waiting to catch the wildebeests passing below the tree. The lions are the main attraction of the Ndutu plains, where most safari tours sport them with open eyes and take camera shoots in just a few meters. Generally, Ndutu is the best place in Africa to see predator lions. Plan a trip during the wildebeest calving season from January to early March to experience the actions of lions toward the calves.

Explore the Famous Predators of Ndutu Plains
Ndutu Lions

Wild dogs

Wild Dogs are among the endangered animals of the world. In Tanzania, the Ndutu Plains of Serengeti National Park hold a large population of wild dogs in Africa. Hundreds of wildcats are attracted to the calving of wildebeests happening at Ndutu. They spend most of their time hunting the wildebeest’s calves for food. Primarily they hunt during the daytime. These animals have unique hunting skills. Each wild dog that goes for a hunt returns holding food, in groups of 10-20 cooperating to hunt. Wild dogs have permanent habitats in southern Serengeti Plains, where most safari travelers spot them hunting simple animals such as Antelope, Explore the Famous Predators of Ndutu Plains .


Hyenas are among the predators that you will easily spot during your safari visit to Ndutu. They rarely hunt in the daytime; they are night hunters. Hyenas are eye-catching animals. In a game drive in Ndutu, many safari visitors love their tricks of hunting wildebeests. The hyenas will not only kill the wildebeests but will also feed on them. You will have the opportunity to take photographs of Hyenas standing in their clans of about 70-100 members.


Leopards are the widely distributed predator of Ndutu. They are the best big cats to spend more time watching on a safari. The best place to see them in Africa is the southern part of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park at Ndutu plains.

Explore the Famous Predators of Ndutu Plains

Leopard is an impressive animal with unique hunting behavior, hiding in short savannah grasses and jumping to catch prey. They sometimes give a fantastic show of running at a fast speed to chase prey. Ndutu plains are beautiful to visit for a surprise spotting of leopard from a satisfying distance on top of acacia trees and lying in caves, Explore the Famous Predators of Ndutu Plains .

In conclusion, the best time to visit Ndutu plain is between December and early April. During this period, you will experience much of the predator actions to the millions of wildebeests moving to northern Serengeti. A hot air balloon safari is fascinating during a visit to Ndutu since it gives a wide sight to experience the predators over the plains.

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