Exceptional Tanzania Safari and Tours

Exceptional Tanzania Safari and Tours : Having an exceptional safari in Tanzania is just an easy thing to achieve with the close assistance of your Tanzania safari guides. The guides in Tanzania are coming into various types each of them offering unique experiences depending on the preferences and priorities of the travelers. There are local guides, camps and lodges guides, professional guides, specialized guides, private guides and conservation guides.  All these Tanzania safari guides are here to make your Tanzania safari a memorable one. In this article, we are going to dig deep into what makes Tanzania safari to be an exceptional. 

Abundant wildlife species

Tanzania safari offers a special moment for visitors to experience the spectacular wildlife species uniquely and unforgettably. Some of the key wildlife species you will expect to see in Tanzania include the Big Five; lions, elephants, Buffalos, Leopards and rhinoceros. Also, there are some other predators such as cheetahs, Hyenas, wild dogs and many others. The herbivores and hoofed animals include wildebeests, Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos and antelopes. Without forgetting baboons and Chimpanzees in Gombe and Mahale mountain national parks. But also there are numerous species of birds for birdwatchers. There are Tanzania safari destinations that are considered to be paradise for birds such as Serengeti National Park and Lake Manyara National Park 

World Heritage sites

In Tanzania, several places are recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritage Sites. Each place is recognized for its cultural and natural significance in the World. Places like Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park and Kilimanjaro National Park are some of Tanzania’s safari destinations that are known as World Heritage because of their uniqueness. Also, the center of history in Zanzibar city, Stone Town City is a UNESCO world heritage site known for its unique architecture and culture. 

Cultural experiences

In Tanzania, there are more than one hundred and twenty different ethnic groups. Tanzania cultural safari is the best way to meet with different societies with unique and amazing traditions. On your safari in Tanzania, meet the Datoga and Hadzabe people whose tribes provide insights into traditional ways of life and cultures that have been preserved for so long in Tanzania. Also, there are some cultural experiences that visitors can enjoy during Tanzania safaris; the local markets, culinary experiences, historical sites, cultural festivals and traditional dance. All these cultural experiences provide some meaningful interactions with Tanzania’s diverse communities. 

Beach extensions

Tanzania is among the countries that provide a perfect ending to a safari adventure. This is much facilitated by its beach extensions which include Zanzibar beaches, Bagamoyo Beaches, Tanga beaches and Dar es Salaam beaches. These Tanzania safari destinations are the best places for enjoying water-based activities such as snorkeling, swimming, diving and sunbathing as a way of refreshment after the excitement of a Tanzania safari tour.  In addition to that, there is a unique national park in Tanzania that offers a bend of Tanzania wildlife safari experience and beach safari. This is known as Saadani National Park located about 44 kilometers north of Bagamoyo town and can be reached by air, road and water.

Exceptional Tanzania Safari and Tours
aerial view of the haven of peace, city of Dar es Salaam

Variety of ecosystems

Tanzania has various ecosystems from the worldly known Serengeti Plain ecosystem, the dense forest such as that of Mahale Mountain National Park, the remote savannas of Katavi National Park, the alkaline lake and the coastal savannah that of Saadani National Park. The wetland ecosystem in Tanzania includes lakes, rivers and swamps. Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, Rufiji River and Lake Nyasa are good examples of wetland ecosystems in Tanzania. Also, there are Marine and coral reef ecosystems that are found along the coastlines of Tanzania and around its islands. These marine habitats support an abundance of marine life including fish, turtles, dolphins, whales and coral reefs which attract so many visitors during the Tanzania safari tour. 

Exclusive Tanzania safari activities

To elevate your Tanzania safari experience, it is advisable to choose exclusive safari activities including Hot air balloon safari, walking safari, bush dinner and exclusive accommodations.  These exclusive Tanzania safari activities add depth and richness to your Tanzania safari tour and give you a chance to create memorable and meaningful connections with the natural and cultural heritage of Tanzania, the most remarkable safari destination in the world.

Therefore, by joining all the above-mentioned elements, you can create an exceptional Tanzania safari and tour that will leave a mark of joy in your heart forever.

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