Dining Out In The Bush

Dining Out In The Bush : Think lions, leopards, elephants, and rhinoceroses are the only animals on a safari? Our endless savannahs, undulating hills, and delightfully lush forests are where you’ll find a wealth of unforgettable experiences. The ultimate outdoor dining experience, such as a candlelit dinner for two under a beautiful acacia tree, is one of our favorite activities on an African safari.

A bush dinner in the middle of the African wilderness is unlike anything else. A wonderful and primal experience that can only be had in Africa is dining outside of a restaurant’s four walls and in the middle of the African bush. Something special happens when you sit down at a long banquet table while surrounded by a million stars, the distant cries of animals, and the aroma of a fire-cooked meal wafting from the nearby pop-up “bush kitchen.”

Nothing enhances dining outdoors more than a soft breeze and the nearby sounds of wildlife in Africa baying, chirping, or singing. It sounds like a pleasant way to begin or end your day. Here’s how we like to enjoy a meal in the wilderness:


You’ll feel at one with nature when you leave your lodge and eat in the company of the wildlife, which is also awakening and searching for its first meal of the day. This meal is reputed to be the most significant of the day. Coffee, juice, and rolls can be served for breakfast in the bush on the hood of your safari Jeep. We promise that everything will taste better outside than inside because of the clean air and mellow morning light.

It’s common on safari to enjoy a full English breakfast in the field, complete with eggs, sausages, bacon, scones, fruit, pastries, and champagne, if you’re looking for a more opulent outdoor feast and love the smell of bacon in the morning. Then, if you really want to go all out, you can arrange to have a private chef prepare an unforgettable meal over an open fire. There are numerous ways to begin your day in Africa’s nourishing fields.


Sometimes the excitement of the safari is simply too much fun to interrupt everything and go home for lunch. So why not enjoy your lunch in the field like the wildlife does?

Lunch can be a simple, relaxed meal that you enjoy while watching the wildlife and perhaps in the shade of a pepper tree. You can unwind while savoring an assortment of meats, cheeses, breads, and salads after your guide spreads out a blanket. You only need enough to bolster you for the afternoon’s game drives; not too much or it will weigh you down. Remember that dinner is still coming up.

Dining Out In The Bush
Dining Out In The Bush


You can create your own culinary experience, which is one of the best things about dining in the bush. Do you want a leisurely meal with friends or a small, candlelit dinner?

 You can eat dinner in a boma lit by a fire that is close to your tent camp or out in the open. You could also eat by a moonlight river while listening to hippos nearby. We can adapt this dining experience to your preferences.

We can set up your table by a lake or on the savannah as the day turns to an orange glow. Drinks are served first, then an open grill or a dish with African influences. There might be music playing or just the ambient sounds of nature. You have the option of considering each option.

 You’ll enjoy this delectable meal in the most idyllic setting that nature could create, as the fire crackles and the moon and stars shine upon this African safari moment.

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