Birding in Serengeti National Park

Birding in Serengeti National Park

Birding in Serengeti National Park : Birding in Serengeti is one of the most prominent activities at the park second to game viewing or wildlife viewing, the park harbors over 500 bird species a cross the endless plains of Serengeti national park with Ndutu area taking half of the bird species population . Birders trips always take longer periods in the park due to slow movement and mostly involve more walking quietly following the birds with good cameras and binoculars.

Serengeti diversified eco system has added an advantage to the park and birding safaris as the park is harboring different kind of birds from open savannah to the small dotted shrubs in the north and the hills surrounding the park which inhabits different bird species. The Serengeti eco system is divided in to the following regions: The seronera central area, Ikorongo reserve, Ngorongoro famed conservation sector, Grumeti area and the Loliondo area.

Birding in Serengeti National Park
Serengeti Birds

Serengeti birding safaris are much rewarding to the birders with high quality facts and highlights of the trip include:

Serengeti harbors the most endemic birds in Tanzania. (Serengeti –Mara echo system)

Serengeti harbors five bird species that are not found anywhere.

Birding in Serengeti can be done throughout the year though the most recommended months are from November to April which is a breeding period for most of the birds and they are nesting besides that most of the migratory birds are around Serengeti both European and North African migratory birds and it is easy for birders to brake records on daily basis during this period of the year making birding trips more experiential.

Birding in Serengeti National Park
Birding in Serengeti

In Serengeti birding trips start very early in the morning and takes the whole day moving with lunch boxes and all equipments in the bush. The most common sited birds are Kori bustard, Secretary bird, Rufous-tailed weaver, Fischer’s loverbird, Grey-breasted spurfowl, Black-headed gonolek, Spurb sterling, Ruppell’s vulture, Southern ground hornbill, Grey-crested helmet-shrike, Black Eagles, Ostriches and many more.

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