Best time to see the Migration River Crossings

Best time to see the Migration River Crossings

Best time to see the Migration River Crossings: Every year millions of wildebeests journey across the Serengeti in search of fresh water and grass along with zebra. The course of this movement is over the entire year and depending on which stage you are interested in your tour operator will advise you on the best times and places.

However one of the places that stand out the most is the Grumeti River. Here the saying survival for the fittest takes course as only the strong survive the hungry jaws of the Nile crocodiles that infest this water. There are lots of beautiful pictures and sights on this particular course.

Best time to see the Migration River Crossings

A safari to the Grumeti River is truly a treat almost throughout the year. Although the month of June and July where animals are crossing across the crocodile infested river present the best picture perfect views as they make their way back to the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya also considered as an extension of The Serengeti.

Hungry crocodile wait on the crossing beasts and zebras and only the strong and fast make it across. Many of them drown others break and die and other animals eat them.

Others preffer , the post-migration months of September and October as a good time to visit the Grumeti Reserves – large herds of zebra and wildebeest remain in the area along with elephant, topi and Thomson’s gazelle quenching their thirst safely on the sandy shores of the river.

It is not uncommon to spot predators within close proximity looking out for who to prey.

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