10 Tips for Planning an African Safari

10 tips for planning an African safari is one article to thoroughly read and consider as you plan out your ultimate Africa safari experience. An African safari is a truly unforgettable experience that many travelers look to encounter if not on a regular, in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As you look to take on an African safari, below are 10 tips for planning an Africa safari that you should follow for an unforgettable and hassle-free Africa safari experience;

Get Yourself an African Safari Planning Expert

Planning your African safari alone can be derailing, tiring and very exhausting. Getting yourself an African safari planning expert is important for they know Africa better than you. Getting a local safari planner also is an added advantage as they are more in the know of their countries better than agents!

Pack Thoughtfully – Layering Up should be considered!

Packing for your ultimate Africa safari is important that you do not carry a whole load, or even less of what you need while out. Africa is known to be a hot country but truth be told is that the temperature do vary along the day, especially during the dry and hot season which also is the peak season of travel. Your early morning and evening hours could be chilly, and carrying something warm is advised. Layering is advised as the days do change over time throughout the day. A lightweight jacket or fleece is a good carry. Consider your luggage weight, as well as luggage suitcases for hard-cover suitcases or bag are not advised.

Plan to Spend Enough Time in Each Camp

Another of the 10 tips for planning an African safari is to be able to stay in each camp of stay long enough to experience the camps and the people there are. Being on the road every other day may not be as fulfilling to give you enough time to appreciate the camps and the wilderness, away from the roads!

Budget for Tipping; Safari Guides and Camp Staff – Hidden Costs

Do consider that there will be those hidden costs that you should consider planning for, say travel insurance, tipping as well as beverages and especially alcoholic drinks which may not be available in most safari packages. Ask about these in advance, and plan to have them catered for as you plan for your ultimate African safari.

Know That Your Experiences are Customizable

Your African safari is yours and can be customized as per your liking and availability. Most tour operators have private safaris which have you as a traveler having your own trip, and can thus customise it as per your preference. This may not be possible for group-joining safaris.

Differentiate Between National Parks vs Conservancies

There are national parks, and conservancies as well as game reserves all across Africa for you to choose from. National parks are crowd-pulling destinations, for almost every travelers opts for them given they have much more animals almost easily, more accommodation options and also more affordable fees for accommodation, park fees and the like, while conservancies are the typical opposite. If you are looking for exclusivity, conservancies are your go-to destinations.

10 Tips for Planning an African Safari
Game drives in Tanzania

Keep in Mind Distances!

An African safari has you visiting just not about 1 safari park or conservancy, but multiple of them. A typical Africa safari tour is a multi-day safari, visiting a number of national parks and conservancies depending on your preference and number of days you have for the trip. Be sure to keep in mind the distances from point A to B, and plan on either sitting through those times, or opt to fly there. Connecting your safari destinations accordingly is important, and that is where use of an expert safari planner, especially a local, is important!

Be In The Know of Your Travel Style in Regards to Accommodation

As you plan out your Africa safari tour, you will get to see that you will be given different ranges of safari, as well as accommodation. Knowing your preferred travel style is important and as such should guide you on choosing the right accommodation fir you. If camping is what you are looking for, glamping, or maybe lodging is what you would prefer, do choose your safari accommodation accordingly, as per your preference.

Book in Advance

Another of the 10 tips for planning an African safari is to book in advance your safari. Booking in advance your safari allows you time to save up for your rest of the safari. Booking in advance also helps avoid last-minute price increases, as well as mishaps as you are rushing to go for that “ultimate safari”. Some of the activities need well in advance booking, like gorilla trekking permits given they sell out very fast. Some of the exclusive, and luxury as well as migration camps do sell out fast, and thus need booking in advance to guarantee your stay.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is an important aspect as you not only plan, but also whilst on your Africa safari in the wilderness. As you are planning your African safari, be flexible to cut or add on that which may be recommended that you get the optimal safari tour that you would have, considering your budget, time of the safari and accommodation. You would also have to be flexible while out in the wild on an African safari for remember, anything could happen.

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