District of Serengeti

District of Serengeti National Park

District of Serengeti National Park

District of Serengeti National Park; Serengeti district is one of the 7 districts found in Northern Arusha region found in the Mara region of Tanzania. The district is administered in administrative cells with its headquarters of the district found in Mugumu town in the western part of the park where the Western gate is found.

The Mara region located in the Northern Tanzania is one of the most famous regions in the country named as Lake Region during colonial rule and later changed to Mara region. The Mara regions borders Arusha Region to the Southeast, Kagera region in the North East, Mwanza Region in the South. The Mara region popularly is high on that the first Tanzania president Juluis Nyerere the late was born in this region.

According to the population National census of Tanzania, the population of Serengeti district is 249,420 people that is by 2002. The district administrative units of Serengeti are divided in to 28 wards which include the following: Busawe, Kisangura, Morotonga, Nyansurura, Geitasamo, Kyambahi, Mosongo, Rigicha, IKoma, Machochwe, Mugumu, Ringwani, Issenye, Magange, Natta, Rungabure, kebanchabancha, Majimoto, Nyamatare, Sedeco, Kenyamonta, Manchira, Nyambureti, Stendi Kuu, Kisaka, Mbalibali, Nyamoko, Uwanja wa Ndege.

Serengeti district borders Maasai Mara of Kenya on the North, Butiama district and Bunda on the West, Ngorongoro district on the South. The Mara region is one of the regions in Tanzania which has the best tourism attractions like Ngorongoro conservation area, Lake Manyara national park, Tarangire national park and Serengeti national park.

Serengeti plains: The best-known feature of the Serengeti is the almost treeless grassland in the south. It has kopjes, granite formations that serve as observation posts for predators. The Volcanic Grasslands is a edaphic plant community that grows on soils derived from volcanic ash from nearby volcanos

The District of Serengeti National Park is covered by the Serengeti Mara ecosystem which comprises of the game reserves, local community and the national park

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