Maswa game reserve

Maswa game reserve : Along the southern part of Serengeti national park lies the spectacular open plains of the Maswa game reserve and covers the total area of 2763.76 square kilometers.  this game reserve is the home of large population of leopards and lions, its also the home of the big five. Originally this game reserve was for different hunting activities and now is used for multiple other tourism activities.

This is the escape place for most of the animals in Serengeti national park during the dry season as they enjoy the water from the springs and polls in the sandy areas found in this national park.  More than 1.5 million wildebeest cross Serengeti to this game reserve in the month of January and February to enjoy the green grasses that are have grown during the short period of November and December.  It has the diverse landscape with hills that are rock kopje which have water holes which are permanent even during the dry season.

Best time to visit Maswa Game reserve

The reserve can be visited from December all the way to May, most the tourism activities can take place at this time of the year. The month of January and February most of the wild animals are found in the southern part of Serengeti national park and in its where calving takes place, the wildebeest and their young once need fresh green grasses hence they can be mostly located in southern part of Serengeti and in Maswa game reserve.

The migratory birds move towards the southern part Serengeti national park and in Maswa game reserve in the month of November to April.  During these months the Maswa game reserve is the home of more than 200 different colorful bird species which includes the endemic species too.

Main tourism activities

Game drive- this game reserve has diverse wildlife due to its location that is near the Serengeti national park. It’s the home of the big five and seasonally the habitat for more than 1.5 wildebeests.  The permanent water holes found in his area provides refuge for many wild animals that are found in Serengeti national park.   It also has the big game that has a high density of leopards and lions.  Game drives in this game drive are not so restricted like in most of the national parks and other game reserves. The game viewing activities can be done through out the day as well as during the night with armed guides.

Maswa game reserve
Maswa game reserve

Bird watching activities-It is the home of the Serengeti National Park birds too, as they move at the southern part of this national park toward Maswa game reserve. The different bird species that can spotted in this game reserve includes Fischer’s lovebird, grey-crested helmet-shrikes, rufous weavers and the unique Usambiro barbet.

Guided nature walks- it’s the most amazing and explorative activity to get familiar with the African wildness. The nature walks are normally accompanied with the armed guides who leads the way through the trails and ensures security. It’s the opportunity to learn about different behaviors of the animals, the birds and different plant species found in this game reserve.

Accommodations in Maswa game reserve

There is a perfect and top-quality tented camps that you can have access to the entire bush all for yourself. The Subeti tented camp, Mwiba lodge, spacious tented camps, Serian Maswa Serengeti camps and many more others are the accommodations are found in this game reserve and they are at affordable prices and yet with good quality and luxury.

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