What should you not wear in Tanzania?

What should you not wear in Tanzania?

What should you not wear in Tanzania? What is considered rude in Tanzania? Can you wear shorts in Tanzania? Can you wear camouflage in Tanzania? How should I dress in Tanzania? All these questions zero to what should not be worn in Tanzania. Tanzania is one of the best Africa safari destinations from where you can enjoy typical African safari game drives in vast savannah national parks of Tanzania. Tanzania is one of the countries from where you shall see the big five in big numbers, among so much more thrilling wildlife in Tanzania spread through 13 parks and reserves which welcome travellers all year through.

Of all the many safari destinations in Tanzania, top Tanzania safari tours take travellers to the world famous Serengeti National Park the home of the wildebeest migration and the big abundance of big cats and the endangered wild dog, Ngorongoro Conservation Area with scenic beauty and thrilling wildlife, Selous National Park, Ruaha National Park, Lake Manyara National Park among so many others. Wildlife in Tanzania including large herds of elephants, giraffes, zebras, many prides of lions, leopards, black rhinos especially in Ngorongoro Crater, cheetahs, hippos, among so many other animals in Tanzania and attractions like the white sand beaches, cultures among others are the some of the reasons that travellers do visit Tanzania for a wildlife safaris and beach holidays.

When planning a safari to Tanzania, one of the aspects to consider is what you should not wear in Tanzania, especially in particular areas and parts of Tanzania. While Tanzania is generally a warm country, and very welcoming as well. Notwithstanding this however, There are some inappropriate clothing that are considered by the people, the locals, as inappropriate and therefore should not be expected to be worn by travellers, at least in some parts and areas of the country. It is important to also note right here that Tanzania is predominantly a Muslim country, with about 50% the total population being Muslim. With this in mind, what you should not wear in Tanzania should be known to you a traveller lest you felt out of place while in a foreign country, with quite a different culture.

What should you not wear in Tanzania? Below are some of what you should not wear in Tanzania;

Shorts and Miniskirts

Most a times when travellers do wear shorts or miniskirts, they do get a number of unwelcome stress from the locals, which makes them feel out of place most of the times. Tanzania is a country of mixed beliefs including Christianity and Islam, as well as a number of other conservative traditions and faiths. In Tanzania, modesty is the ideal and thus shorts and miniskirts as well as very tight clothing is considered inappropriate and quite provocative. Tanzanians, like most other Africans are generally warm and welcoming people, quite polite and very friendly as well and can therefore not really not outright confront or even comment your dressing code. Travellers who do choose to wear more appropriate clothing like long skirts can find more genuine friendliness and acceptance from the locals.

What should you not wear in Tanzania?
What should you not wear in Tanzania?

When especially visiting religious and cultural sites in Tanzania, travellers are advised to wear more appropriate clothing like long pants and skirts that reach at least below the knee, lest you do not be allowed entry. You may as well choose to have a wrap or scarf big enough to wrap around yourself when you do reach these kind of places.

In Zanzibar, it is actually illegal to wear skimpy clothing. The culture in Zanzibar is more conservative here as compared to mainland Tanzania with a ban on wearing skimpy clothing outside of the hotel and beaches. Guides and tour operator who do have their traveler found in violation of the ban can actually be fined to up to $2000.

Travellers should therefore not wear shorts or miniskirts in public places including markets and religious places, but can wear them while in the hotel, in swimming pool areas, as well as on game drives in national parks and reserves in Tanzania.


Camouflage clothing in Tanzania is strictly reserved for the Tanzania People’s Defence Force. Only the army in Tanzania are allowed to wear camouflage, anyone else found dressed in the same shall be fined and the wear confiscated.

Apart from shorts and miniskirts or skimpy dresses, as well as camouflage, you can wear anything else there is that you would wish, provided it is descent. When packing your luggage for your much anticipated Tanzania safari, remember to consider where in Tanzania you will spend your time, and pack appropriately.

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