Serengeti National Park Rules

Serengeti National Park Rules

Serengeti national park rules are the governing regulations that guide all tourists, locals and driver guides on how to conduct themselves while in the park, which activities to be done at the park, the time allowed for someone to enter of exit the park and others.

Below are the main Serengeti national park rules:

  • The park is only open from 6am to 6pm daily. All guests are supposed to enter or exit the park before 6pm, after 6 all gates of the Serengeti national parks are closed
  • No unauthorized firearms are allowed in the park.
  • All guests are or drivers are strictly adhered to the speed limit of 50 kilometers per hours while inside the park
  • Feeding animals are no allowed completely. Anyone found feeding an animal inside the park is penalized accordingly.
  • All the game drives MUST be done along the authorized tracks only, whoever is found off tracking is liable of a fine
  • Observe maximum respect to animals, drivers MUST give way to animals incase they are crossing. The national park is the animals home and they have all rights of way within the park.
  • Camping is only allowed in designated camping area by the park authorities.
Serengeti National Park Rules
Serengeti National Park Tanzania safaris
  • Do Not disturb nature in any way like hooting, throwing items, shouting and many more which causes noise pollution hence interfering the daily movements of the animals
  • The Serengeti Park is not pet friendly. Any and all pets are forbidden in the park.
  • Do not smoke any how except in designated areas in the camps, smoking in public is completely not allowed.
  • While on game drive, smoking is prohibited. Please ensure that you dispose of your cigarettes responsibly at your lodge or camp.
  • littering is strictly prohibited as it can cause various illnesses, poison or choke the animals. It also adversely affects natural plant growth.

Serengeti national park rules are clearly written on the gate entry to the park, all the gates of Serengeti have this rules. They can also be accessed on the park website as well as on the brochures of the park.

The Serengeti National park rules come with penalties where by whoever is found guilty of breaking any park rules is liable of direct penalty from the park officials without compromise. It’s out of these park rules that the park Authorities are achieving their goals of preserving and conserving the environment at ease making the guest responsible for the better of Serengeti national park. The rules are aimed at conserving nature for the future generation, giving guests chance to play their responsible roles while at the park.

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