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Serengeti National Park is Known for

Serengeti National Park is Known for;

Serengeti National Park is Known for ; Serengeti national park is one of the most famous parks not only in Tanzania but the whole world. The park is considered as one of the 7 wonders of Africa with the key activity being the wildebeest migration that happens annually. Serengeti is a home of different wildlife with all the African big 5 (Lions, leopards, Buffalo, Elephants and Rhinos) with more than 400 species of birds.

Serengeti national park is the best known wildlife sanctuary on planet earth unequaled for its scenic beauty and scientific values. The park has the highest concentration of plain game viewing not only in Tanzania but Africa as a continent. The park was established in early 1952 as one of the best parks located on the Northern circuit of Tanzania alongside the Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire national parks. The park has an area of 5,700 square miles an equivalent to 14,763 square kilometers.

Serengeti National Park is Known for
Serengeti Buffalo

The Serengeti national park wildebeest migration is the only mass terrestrial wildlife migration that is still active not only in Africa but the entire world and this is the main reason why Serengeti national park ranked among the best parks on the world. The wildebeest migration happens in a circular motion moving around Serengeti national park from the Southern Serengeti in Ndutu area where the wildebeest go for calving in early time of the year.

The wildebeest migration is the famous safari experience in Serengeti national park with over a million wildebeest accompanied by other thousands of animals like Plain Zebras, eland and others move searching for water and new pastures. Besides the wildebeest, the park is also a home of other animals with over 35 animal species that include over 160,000 zebras, 15,000 gazelles, 3,000 lions and large number of Elephants, leopards, Rhinos, hippos, cheetahs, baboons, crocodiles, Hippos, Jackals, Topis, different kinds of Antelopes among others.

Serengeti National Park is Known for
Serengeti Elepehants

Elephants were the latest introduced animals to Serengeti national park which came on the last 30 years ago. This happened due to increased pressure on the environment by the human settlement that forced them to seek for new refuge somewhere else hence coming to Serengeti national park. The park has over 350 bird species from the largest on ground bird that is the Ostrich to the smallest Hamming birds. Other bird species are Kori bustard, Vultures, starlings among others.

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