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Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Rules

Rwanda gorilla trekking rules are the different guidelines that any traveler on a gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda ought to follow. Gorilla trekking is one of the most unforgettable Rwanda safari activities, in fact it is the most sought after and done Rwanda safari activity. Gorilla trekking involves travelers hiking through the dense forested area of Volcanoes National Park, one of the Virunga Massifs that inhabits the rare and endangered mountain gorillas in natural habitat. Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park is much sought after by travelers for the almost-easy trek compared to other gorilla trekking destinations.

As you plan to embark on your Rwanda gorilla trekking adventure, there are a number of guidelines to be followed for not only the safety and conservation of the endangered mountain gorillas, but also for your own. Rwanda gorilla trekking rules include;

  • Rwanda gorilla trekking age limit is 15 years, a rule that is strictly adhered to in Rwanda. There is however no maximum age limit for gorilla trekking in Rwanda, for as long as you are fit to trek. Please note that before purchasing a Rwanda gorilla trekking permit, age verification is done with the use of one’s passport, thus one of the reasons why your passports are asked for upon booking your Rwanda gorilla trekking safari.
  • Only persons with a valid gorilla trekking permit are allowed to track gorillas. A Rwanda gorilla trekking permit price is 1,500USD per person, paid to the RDB prior to the trek, subject to availability and is non-refundable.
  • Once you encounter the endangered mountain gorillas, tourists have only 1 hours to spend with them. This is so as to limit interaction of people with the gorillas that are susceptible to human illnesses.
  • Travelers that are sick with illnesses like cough and flu are not allowed to trek the mountain gorillas as they are susceptible to human illnesses.
  • Noise is not allowed in the park whilst gorilla trekking in Rwanda; noise disrupts the gorillas.
  • Turn off your camera light while taking pictures and videos on your encounter with mountain gorillas.
  • Do not make direct eye contact with the gorillas once you encounter them. This is threatening to them and can charge at you thinking you are a threat.
  • Avoid abrupt body movements and gesturing as these may be misinterpreted by the gorillas as communication.
  • Never mimic the gorillas as any sound maybe misinterpreted as communication to them.
  • Do not smoke, eat, drink or feed the gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Eating and drinking should be done at least 300m away from the gorillas.
  • Avoid direct contract with the gorillas; do not touch them or caress them.
  • Follow your ranger guides instructions at all times.
Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Rules
Rwanda Gorilla

The above are the different Rwanda gorilla trekking rules travelers intending to embark on gorilla trekking in Rwanda should follow, at all times for their safety as well as well-being and conservation of the gorillas.

Interested in seeing these endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat? Get in touch with a reputable tour operator like Focus East Africa Tours to create a memorable Rwanda gorilla safari for you. Given the distance from Kigali to Volcanoes National Park Rwanda, a 1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari is possible, and is one of the common short Rwanda safaris that travelers with limited time do embark on. Travelers who visit Rwanda for conferences, meetings and the like but have at least 1 day free can opt for a 1 Day Rwanda gorilla trekking safari for a chance to meet these endangered and rare mountain gorillas that are only found in 3 countries that is Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, with Uganda hosting well over half the total world population of mountain gorillas.

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