Park Fees For Tanzania

Park Fees For Tanzania National Parks

Park Fees For Tanzania National Parks

Park Fees for Tanzania national parks / Tanzania parks entry fees are the charges that are put in place by the government to ensure that travelers pay to engage in different national parks and their activities. Before planning safaris to Tanzania, you will need to first know the government park fees for Tanzania national parks that you need to pay before entering any park or any conservation area.

Park Fees for Tanzania national parks
Serengeti National Park Gates

Payment of the Park Fees

TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks Authority) – Tanzania national parks including Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, and Arusha national parks accepts credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) or designed TANAPA park fees cards.

NCAA (Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority) – Accepts credit cards (MasterCard and Visa)

WMA (Wildlife Management Area) fee– Is the fee for wildlife-controlled areas outside the parks. It has to be prepaid or prearranged in advance. It ranges between $12-$30 per person per day and $6 per vehicle per day.

WMA areas are areas outside Tarangire National Park that is Lake Natron and Loliondo, Ikoma(Serengeti), Longido, Monduli, Simanjiro, Rombo (Lake Chala), Engaresero, Ndarakwai, Meatu(Mwiba & Maswa Game Reserve) and several other areas which are still allocated.

Entrance fees are fees paid by tourists or visitors before entering the park or areas of conservation for tourism activities like game drives, bird watching and any other activity conducted within the park. Entrance fees in national parks are known as park fees.

(TANAPA) Tanzania National Park Authority manages Serengeti national park entrance fees (park fees) while Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) manages the Ngorongoro entrance fees and it excludes crater services.

Concession fees are fees paid by lodges, hotels and permanent camps found within the park to Tanzania National Park Authority (TANAPA)

This fee normally is charged from the people who overnight in the particular camps, lodges and hotels. From 2017, the fees are paid directly at the gate instead of the lodges, hotels and camps to pay directly to the areas of conservation. Though some camps and hotels are still paying to the conservation areas.

The difference between park fees and concession fees is that park fees are paid by a person not overnighting in the camp, hotel or lodge within the park while concession fee is paid by people who overnight in accommodations within the park.

Entrance fees at Ngorongoro Conservation Area

When connecting across the Ngorongoro conservation area you will need to pay the transit fee at the gate of the Ngorongoro conservation area even if you are not going to do a game drive in the area. The transit fee is valid within 24 hours only and when you exceed the 24hours you will have to pay again for a transit route so you have to be careful while in the conservation area.

For example, when you travel from Arusha and going to Serengeti, the transit fee must be paid as you are passing through the Ngorongoro conservation area before reaching Serengeti. Except if you fly from Arusha to Serengeti you will not pay for transit fee and a lot of visitors prefer flying from Arusha to Serengeti rather than driving unless they are doing game drive at Ngorongoro conservation area or crater tour before going to f.

Park Fees For Tanzania National Parks
Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Entrance fees at Ngorongoro national park are $71.8 per person within 24 hours for a single entry and it does not include crater services. For children between 5 years to 16 years, the park fee is $20 for a single entry and the camping fee is also $10 per night.

Crater fee is $295 per vehicle and not per person, and it is only paid if you want to descend the crater.


  • Permit once issued is valid for 24hours only for one entry
  • Tariffs are subjected to changes without notice
  • Meals for bush lunch must be precooked at the camp or lodge and taken to the crater ready for serving. Permission is at the discretion of the conservator.
  • A permit is offered to a first-come, first saved basis.

Fines and Penalties

  • Over speeding for all type of vehicles is Tshs 50,000
  • Other offenses will be determined according to the type of offense committed.

Photography Fees

  • $100 per person per day which includes entry fees and excludes crater fees.

Permit For serving hot meals in the crater (Bush Lunch)

  • At the discretion of the conservator, permit for serving hot meals in the crater may be issued where you pay $10 before the provision of the service.

Entrance fees of Serengeti National Park

  • Entrance fees at Serengeti national park are $71.8 per person within 24hours for a single entry.
  • Concession fees at Serengeti national park are $59 per person per night.
  • Serengeti national park fees for children of 5-16 years are $20 for a single entry and camping fees are $10 per night.
  • Entry fees are to be paid when entering the park and reserves. TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks Authority) has introduced a smart card system where the money is loaded onto a card which is presented at the park gates. The prepaid cards are available at CRDB Bank in US dollars or Tanzania shillings. Any individual or tour operator can purchase and use TANAPA-CRDB Bank accounts from branches in Arusha, Iringa, Musoma, and Moshi.
  • Private tourists with local or international VISA or Master cards can use their cards in paying the park fees using point of sale machines already deployed at respective entry points.

Note: Tanzania national park fees rates published by TANAPA may be subject to change at any time, so it is not constant.

Please inform us of your travel plan in advance so that we organize payment in advance to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Tanzania National Park’s Rules & Regulations

Our eco-system depends on a delicate balance so the less we disturb, the longer we can enjoy it. Therefore leave the park undisturbed by not leaving or removing anything..

  • It is not allowed to use drones in any park.
  • Driving hours in the park are from 6 am to 6 pm.
  • Always animals have the right of way.
  • Speed kilometer is 50km/h in the parks and 25km/h in the Ngorongoro crater.
  • Camping is allowed in designated areas only.
  • Picnicking is allowed only in designated areas.
  • Keep to the authorized tracks only.
  • Never feed animals, it will upset their diet hence dependence on people.
  • Do not remove anything of biological interest in the park or crater such as eggs or trophies by either cutting or picking.
  • Do not make any kind of noise in the park to avoid disturbances to animals.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not litter.
  • Do not cause fire or light in the park.
  • Domestic pets are strictly forbidden in the park.
  • Do not drive too close to animals.
  • It is recommended to hire a TANAPA guide before descending the crater.

Note  that the park fees in serengeti  uniques from the other parks across east Africa to mention in Uganda, Kenya , Rwanda   and Congo

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