How do you see wildebeest migration

How do you see wildebeest migration?

How do you see wildebeest migration?

How do you see the wildebeest migration?(how to have an experience of wildebeest migration) After getting all your plans of travelling to Tanzania (Tanzania tours) with the main dream experiencing the wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park, the next question in mind is that How do you see the wildebeest migration?

It’s not only you who ask but most of the result and visionary travelers ask that question, in Focus East Africa tours we believe that you dream and we make you realize your dream in other words it’s our role to make your dream come true. To see the wildebeest migration is very easy only what you need to know is to pay kin attention to all our travel tips for the successful wildebeest safari when those tips are observed well then the of How do you see the wildebeest migration? Will be answered at ease, the following tips help you much to see the wildebeest:

How do you see wildebeest migration?
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Good timing of the season

This is one of the answers to the How do you see the wildebeest migration? In that when one gets to know the circular calendar of the wildebeest migration in a year though it can be changed due to nature and pattern of rain. The wildebeest migration happens due to two core reasons:

  1. The wildebeest follow the rainfall pattern, hence looking for green pastures. This makes them to plan when the pastures from one area is almost complete or exhausted they move to the next destination this is due to the great number of the wildebeest in Serengeti
  2. Calving season. This second is the easiest to predict since it’s within the female wildebeest who are pregnant, this happens on the early time of the year after crossing back from Maasai Mara.

With the above two reasons one can be sure the procedure of seeing the wildebeest migration hence answering the question How do you see the wildebeest migration?

Whole day game drive

The size of the endless plains of Serengeti is too big that one can not finish it if he or she has limited time in Serengeti. To fully experience the wildebeest migration, it needs an ample time dedicating the trip for the whole day game drive, after knowing the season and the section where the current Migration is then you can have full day game drive in that section of Serengeti.

Good selection of Accommodation

In Serengeti national park there all classes of accommodation located in different parts of the park, there are accommodations located in Seronera area and most of these accommodations are luxury accommodations. To use accommodations in Seronera area are good from April to June when the wildebeest are around the central part of Serengeti. In June to July one should get accommodation around Northern Serengeti, this is again the most expensive area in Serengeti with only supper luxury accommodations like four seasons and other luxury camps.

In November to March South Serengeti around Ndutu is the best area to stay in, when you get the best accommodation for the season of the wildebeest this will not only reduce the driving season but gives you enough time to see the wildebeest migration in Serengeti hence answering the question How do you see the wildebeest migration?  You will enjoy staying at the camp in the wilderness when observing the wildebeests at your own compound of the tent.

Some of the classic big companies have mobile and seasonal camping accommodation that are mobile depending on where the season is and the camp is transferred that area all this is done in order for the guests to see the best of the migration as they catch the action live from the ground.

Rightful experienced tour operators

Choosing the rightful experienced tour operator will help you answer the question How do you see the wildebeest migration? They have experienced driver guides and other staff who are up to date who will help you with enough information during your preparation for your trip to Serengeti. Sharing live experience with the guest helps them plan well and have an over view of what some is expecting during this trip.

Serengeti migration best time

Serengeti migration best time is almost all year around except August and September when the wildebeests are in Maasai Mara National reserve in Kenya. Although Serengeti is a home of wildebeest migration, the wildebeest cannot be experienced throughout the year in Serengeti in that after the Migration moves to the Maasai mara national reserve of Kenya in July it will cross back around October to Serengeti national park.

Its nature and sometimes it’s not easy to predict nature to the fullest hence making it hard for one to fairly estimate the real time the migration starts but we can tell the Serengeti migration best time. The Serengeti migration best time always starts from June when the wildebeest are crossing the Grumeti River to the Northern section of Serengeti national park to July when the Migration cross the Mara river to the Maasai Mara.

How do you see wildebeest migration?
Wildebeest Migration Safaris

This process of crossing takes its own time as the wildebeest also fear who to start to throw itself in to the water, some may even cowardice and turn back running to Serengeti national park while others first keep grazing around near the river banks as they wait who to start. Usually the movement is in a zig zag way as they try to avoid the predators at the water commonly the Nile Crocodiles.

The Serengeti migration occurs in a complete circular format which makes it turn around in a repeated way hence the routine becomes familiar with the tour operators though the rainfall pattern sometimes makes some slight changes but it does not affect much hence easy timing of the best time to see the wildebeest migration in Serengeti.

The wildebeest migration is always along the South in Ndutu region, Central in Seronera region and finally at the North in Mara Region. All these regions have their own timing as the wildebeest and other animals move in search for green pastures in the endless plains of Serengeti national park. Predators also cram the time and move according to the wildebeest migration, if it’s on the South most of the big cats and others predators are found near Ndutu region where there is plenty of food as the wildebeest are on their labour ward, the predators take advantage of the weak newly born calves as there food.

Good timing of the Serengeti migration best time helps one not only to spot the wildebeest but also other animals in big numbers like Zebras, Gazelles, Topi, Kobs, Impala, Warthog, Hyenas, Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs and many more.  A majority of the animals    follow the wildebeest and they know they are the best weather predictors if they start moving they have forecasted the next weather for certain place.

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How do you see wildebeest migration

How do you see wildebeest migration

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